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Whether to release abroad if there is a debt to pay for utilities

The border guard will check whether was instituted enforcement proceedings

Limiting the right to travel abroad - one of the measures of influence on those who have a debt on the loan, transfers to the social funds, fines, utility payments or alimony.

However, the use of this measure is not always and not to all.

Who decides

Staff at border controls is not right not tolet you abroad, if they do not have the regulations. The existence of the debt may not serve as grounds for restricting the right to leave. The corresponding decision was taken judiciary, the law provides for a specific sequence of actions. Judgment that the debtor is obliged to repay the debt in this case is not enough.

How does this happen

If you have a large debt on flatspayments, the management company and the resource providers have the right to file a lawsuit on you. The size of the debt is governed by the Housing Code. It can vary, as amended, therefore, received a summons to court, be sure to clarify this matter. Count on judicial delay in this case is not necessary, the case of claims of public services are considered very fast. We should not try to evade participation in the hearing, since such a decision can be made without you. The judgment would indicate that you have to repay at a certain date. This decision is not grounds for restricting the right to leave abroad. In many regions, there is a practice of debt restructuring, so that you can sign a contract with the utility companies that agree to pay the amount of the debt portion in particular timeframe.

If you have not complied with the judgment

If you are careful to pay debts,can safely go to a foreign trip, no you will not stop at the border. Another thing, if you do not follow the court's decision. Then, your creditor may apply to the local department of the Federal Bailiff Service. Then it will be open enforcement proceedings and may decide how to recover from your debts. But in this case it is not necessary that a measure of influence on the debtor will be exactly the restriction of the right to travel abroad. The legislation provides for other measures. For example, the bailiffs can describe the property to remove the car, to seize a bank account.

To avoid surprises

If you paid the debt after it wasopen enforcement proceedings and decided not to let you abroad, do not forget to inform the bailiffs that you paid for. Neither the Bank nor the utilities it is not taken care of. To report their actions to the bailiffs, simply come to the local government and show the paid receipt.

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