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Can I at home to propagate azaleas?

Can you at home to propagate azaleas?

Azalea known among gardeners as a very capricious plant.

It is very poorly responsive to changing conditionsthe content and it is quite difficult to propagate, but if it needs to create beauty conditions, the plant will delight you with beautiful lush flowering for a long time.

Azalea propagated in three ways: by seeds, cuttings, and dividing the bush. Each has its pros and cons and in their own interest.


Cuttings produce spring. Cut the stalks from the adults, well-formed shoots, but have not yet lignified. Their average length should be 7-9 cm. The lower leaves from the stalk to remove.
For better rooting treatneodrevesnevevshie cuttings rooting and growth stimulants, such as "Kornevin" or "Geteroauksin". Dilute the preparation as indicated in the instruction and place the cuttings for several hours. Then plant them in soil.
Azaleas need acidic soil, make suchself - employment is quite time-consuming, but the situation will get out of a special primer for azaleas, which are sold in flower shops or garden centers.

If you still decide to prepare their own substrate, it is necessary to take the topsoil from the pine forest and mix it in equal proportions with peat.

Cuttings treated with a growth factor,landed in the ground at a distance of not less than 4 cm from each other. Pour warm water. Cover the planting polyethylene or glass and place in a sunny place. However, be careful that they are not in direct sunlight.

Note that the survival rate of cuttings is quite bad, and usually does not exceed 20 per cent.

As an adult plants, cuttings need moremoisture, so planting is necessary to spray every day. Several times a day, remove the cover and wipe the condensation that forms on it. Parnichok periodically turn to it from all sides warmed by the sun. The first roots should appear within 2 months, and 3 plants can be transplanted to a permanent place.

Seed propagation is at home

In azaleas indoors seeds fastened very rare. If you want to grow it that way, then you will need to buy the seeds at the store.
Use ready-made substrate for azaleas. At the bottom of the bowls, pour drain, then a layer of clean sand and soil. All moisten slightly primnogo.
Seeds of azalea is very small, so they do not needembed in the ground. Sow on the surface of the ground and cover with foil container. The substrate must be kept moist, so remove the tape daily and spray the soil surface. Watering is not necessary, because you can simply rinse the seeds.
As soon as the seedlings sprout, a film can beclean and care for them, as well as for adult plants. When small plants grow stronger, they can sit in a separate small pots in acidic soil.

The division of the bush

This is probably the easiest method of propagationazaleas. If more mature plant stems, it is possible to divide into several. In azaleas root system is shallow, and the roots themselves are very thin, so divide the plant to be very careful.

Pull the bush out of the pot, gently shake off the ground,wash the roots do not need, because they are beneficial soil fungi that live in symbiosis with the plant. Divide the bush into several parts and each will land in a small container with acidic and moist soil.

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