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Is it possible to propagate azalea at home?


Is it possible to propagate azalea at home?</a>

Azalea is known among the florists as a very whimsical plant.

She reacts very badly to changing conditionsContent and it is rather difficult to reproduce, but if you create the beauty necessary for her conditions, the plant will please you with a beautiful lush blossom for a long time.

Azalea reproduces in three ways: seeds, cuttings and bush division. Each of them has its pros and cons and is interesting in its own way.

Vegetative reproduction

Cuttings are produced in the spring. Cut the cuttings from adults, well-formed shoots, but not yet lignified. Their average length should be 7-9 cm. Remove the lower leaves from the cuttings.
For better rooting processNeodrevrevesvevshie cuttings stimulators of growth and root formation, for example, "Kornevin" or "Heteroauxin." Dilute the preparation as indicated in the instructions and place the cuttings on it for several hours. Then drop them into the soil.
Azaleas need acid soil,Independently - the occupation is quite laborious, but to get out of the situation will help a special primer for azaleas, which are sold in flower shops or horticultural centers.

If you still decide to prepare the substrate yourself, then you need to take the top layer of soil from the coniferous forest and mix it in equal proportions with peat.

Cuttings treated with growth stimulants,Land in the ground at a distance of not less than 4 cm from each other. Pour warm water. Cover the planting with polyethylene or glass and put in a sunny place. However, be careful not to get direct sunlight on them.

Note that the survival rate of the cuttings is rather poor and usually does not exceed 20 percent.

Like an adult plant, cuttings need a largeHumidity, so planting should be sprayed daily. Several times a day, take shelter and wipe the condensate that forms on it. Turn the little boy periodically so that he warms up from all sides with the sun. The first rootlets should appear after 2 months, and through 3 plants can be transplanted to a permanent place.

Seed reproduction at home

In azaleas in room conditions, seeds are tied very rarely. If you want to grow it that way, then you will need to purchase seeds in the store.
Use the ready-made substrate for azaleas. At the bottom of the dish, fill the drainage, then a layer of clean sand and soil. All moisten and take a little.
Seeds of azalea are very small, so they do not needTo be embedded in the soil. Sow on the surface of the earth and cover the container with a film. The substrate must be moist all the time, so every day, remove the film and spray the surface of the soil. Watering is not worth it, because you can just wash the seeds.
As soon as the seedlings germinate, the film can beRemove and care for them, as well as for an adult plant. When the small plants get stronger, they can be planted in separate small pots in acid soil.

Division of the bush

This is probably the easiest way to reproduceAzaleas. If the adult plant has several trunks, then it is quite possible to divide it into several. In azalea, the root system is superficial, and the roots themselves are very thin, so it is necessary to divide the plant very carefully.

Pull the bush out of the pot, the ground lightly shake,It is not necessary to wash the roots, because they contain useful soil fungi that live in symbiosis with the plant. Divide the bush into several parts and drop each into a small container with acidic and moist soil.

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