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Is Cured pulmonary tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is dangerous and intractable diseases.

However, modern medicine tools allow completely cure the disease in some patients.

It must be remembered that the success of treatment may depend on the severity of the disease, as well as on compliance with physician instructions.

Terms of cure

To achieve a complete cure in most casesIt manages patients whose disease was diagnosed at an early stage, which is characterized by small lung damage. organ function in compliance with physician instructions can be restored after some time. During treatment, it is crucial to the immune system. As a rule, in patients with advanced stages of tuberculosis immune system is no longer able to suppress the disease and ensure proper recovery of damaged organs and tissues.
Much influenced by selectedmedical specialist treatment. When using several anti-TB drugs manage to get rid of germs and help the body to start the healing of lesions of the lung.

The specifics of the treatment

TB treatment is long. The complex includes the use of drugs to improve immunity, termination of reproduction of pathogenic microbes, closing of cavities formed in organs and resorption of new outbreaks of the disease in the body. The duration of treatment for each patient can be individual, but the average healing of tuberculosis may have through 12-18 months. When fully integrated approach, physicians can achieve healing, but in some cases it is not cured before the end of the disease may return and become more resistant to the drugs used. And because the forecast, which gives the patient often is not favorable.
Timing and the possibility of full recovery asIt is determined by the patient's state of human bodies, their reaction to the use of certain medications. When treating patients use different methods for administering drugs. For example, some patients respond well to therapy tablets. At the same time, other patients may require administering medication intravenously or intramuscularly. Some patients are prompted to enter the desired drug directly into the bronchi or lesion.
Treatment of tuberculosis is carried out strictlyindividually, which also determines the effectiveness of the therapy. It is important to regularly take prescription drugs, drugs to change in order to prevent addiction and to develop microbial resistance to the treatment provided if needed.
No less important in the treatment of disease iscompliance with health and hygiene regime with the subsequent transition to a training program. It is important to follow all your doctor's instructions and follow written out therapeutic diet.

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