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Where you can ride in a Zorb

Where can I go in the zorb

Zorbing - extreme is an interesting attraction that is downhill in a transparent bowl (or zorb) with hills or mountains.

There zorbing and water, which is associated with the intersection of ponds in large transparent balls.

What is zorbing?

Sami Zorba the balls are made of PVC, orpolyurethane. Ground Zorba represent the two spheres, the space between them filled with air and the walls reinforced with special straps that provide uniform load and amortization during the descent. The inner sphere is equipped with a suspension system that fixes the "passenger" Zorb.

Zorba Water made of TPU orPVC. Unlike ground water bowls are only one layer. Zorba Water tight, they are filled with air for about one minute. At rest, a person can stay within about half an hour. Active Running reduces the time to ten minutes. At a long stay inside the ball can be experienced very strong attack of fatigue due to lack of oxygen. Water Zorba attached to the shore, so they can be at any time to return. Water balloons are considered unsafe because they can not themselves leave at any time.

Zorb can spice up any holiday in nature. Just do not ride it in a state of intoxication, it can be unsafe.

Where can I go?

Zorbing is gaining popularity. Currently, almost all of relatively large amusement parks can be briefly zorbonavta. In Moscow it is possible to experience these exciting sensations in Gorky Park, a descent into the zorb hill will cost you about six hundred rubles. In St. Petersburg, fans Zorbing spend time in the park of fairy tales. One trigger will cost two hundred and fifty rubles.

Many private companies regularly organize Zorba pokatushki. Such firms are opened in most cities. Enough to hammer into a search engine request.

The zorb can ride and on level ground. This is a very exciting experience. You can arrange a race run in the Zorb. This type of entertainment especially for children.

There are many companies who rent Zorbahire. Rent Water Zorb cost several thousand for six to eight hours, "land" rent will result in a ten to twenty thousand. By rented Zorba attached instructor who will see to the implementation of safety precautions to avoid injury, and will tell you how to behave inside the ball. In some cases, together with the zorb, you can rent a special pile (usually inflatable), skating with which will be fun and safe.

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