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Where you can relax cheaper in the Crimea

Where you can relax cheaper in the Crimea

With the start of the holiday season in the Crimea, wishing to relax under the warm sun a lot. But the annual holiday is becoming more expensive, but the conditions do not always correspond to the money paid.

But to understand some nuances, relax cheaply and well in the Crimea is still possible.

When to go to the Crimea

Best of all, if you plan your trip to thevacation in the Crimea in the "low" or "velvet" season. Low considered during the last weeks of May and the first two weeks of June, but the velvet season holiday called the first two weeks of September. In these periods marked a small number of visitors on the beaches, as well as the absence of children who have not started or already finished school holidays. Plus more and the sun not so bakes and prices are not as inflated. In any case, there are certain disadvantages. In May, the sea can not yet be optimally warm, and in September may go cloudy. But comfort on a half-empty beach more, and the prices will be much lower.


For many considered a real holidayvalid if the resort of people staying in a hotel, a hotel or resort. Accommodation prices are quite high, "all inclusive" is a loose concept, and whether it is possible to relax normally, if you constantly recalculate the remaining finance. If you need to save, you should pay attention to a house in one of the villages away from the secular cities such as Alushta, Yalta and Sudak. If you carefully look for, in the vicinity you can find quite decent options for a very good money. For example, lying near Alushta villages Malorechenskoe or Solnechnogorskoe, located just 24 kilometers from the city. Standard rooms in the private sector there are 70 hryvnia, if you add three meals a day, the amount will increase to about 100-120 hryvnia. But in Alushta for daily economical accommodation will have to pay about 200 hryvnia plus for the same food for at least another 150 hryvnia. You can also go to the sea and with a tent, in many resort towns right near the sea are tent cities. Accommodation is free of charge, have to pay a rent for parking, at a rate of up to 100 hryvnia per day, but the fee charge for all guests, not per person.

How to save on food

About nutrition in a boarding house with a small budgetIt can be forgotten, but it does not mean that you have to starve and eat corn on the beach. In Crimea, there are plenty of small cafes and eateries where you can get the same salad or pilaf not for 50-100 hryvnia, like in a restaurant or resort, and just 25-50 hryvnia. On good diners can ask the locals, they will prompt where you can eat cheaply. Dinner always work in major Crimean cities where prices are quite pleasant. If you are staying in the private sector, and there is a kitchen, you can cook your own meals. Thus one can save even more.

To save on tours,you need to plan your journey in advance. It is necessary to explore the bus routes from the big cities, as well as ticket prices in those places you want to visit. Did they change depending on the time and season. To save on souvenirs buy them should be in the depths of the village, on the beach because they are much more expensive.

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