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Where you can pass the exam

Where can I pass the exam

As a relatively new law on education,before you go to college, you need to pass the Unified State Examination. Graduates with this issue practically no problem, since the organization of the exam school takes over.

More difficult things for those who have long graduated from the school.

General provisions

Unified State Examination in RussiaHe has the right to hand over any man, regardless of age and nationality. To get access to the exam, you must apply before March 1 of the current year. The statement must specify a list of items that you intend to pass. It is better to specify in advance which exams takes Faculty to which you want to do.
Be careful, because in different institutions forthe same faculty may need different tests. And, of course, remember that you have the right to submit a certificate of the exam in five different universities.
Together with the application received a certificate and a copy of the passport. If your passport at the time of missing, you can take the exam for certification temporary.

Where to apply

The easiest way to school students - for them the issue of applying for the exam is engaged in an educational institution itself. What about those whose wonderful school years have passed?
The final recipient of the application for participation in the examto become the Department of Education, which will bring you to the database, as well as future high school graduates. The Department of Education has in every city. In big cities, subdivisions can be found even in some areas. Determine which subdivision you closer, and go there to write a statement. Alternatively, you can contact the educational institution, which is a graduate once were, and write a statement there.
After that, until May 10 it will be necessary to makea second trip to the department to get a pass. all the necessary information about where and when will pass your exam will be specified in the pass. Without this paper for the exam commission will not allow you.

additional term

In life there are situations when you are unable tofor personal reasons to apply until 1 March. Do not give up and postpone admission to the university until next year. You can try to pass the exam in the additional terms (the second wave). To do this, you need to apply until 5 July at the university in which you mainly want to do, and write a statement there.
The only difficulty that can seriouslyPorush your plans may be available to the State Examination Commission. In this order of your application will be rejected in the absence of a good reason why you could not pass the exam in the basic period. So better to address this issue and take care of the evidence.

How valid exam results

In connection with the new law "On education" inwishing to enter there was a lot of questions about how much the exam results are valid for graduates of previous years. The new law increased the validity of the certificate up to 4 years. The law was adopted December 29, 2012 and entered into force on 1 September. The official website of the exam said that the results of graduates of 2012 also fall under this law. This position was confirmed in a letter to the Minister of Education Rosobrnadzor site.

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