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Where can I go to rest in December

Where you can go to rest in December

At first glance, a vacation in December, is useless, because to enjoy the bright sunny days and the heat will not succeed.

But even in winter you can have a great time, this is only necessary to choose the right vacation spot.



Perfect to spend the December holidays can beEurope, as a large number of festive fairs held there this time of year. Most of the major festivals in Europe falls to Berlin. In the UK in December, usually hosts music festivals, so if you - an avid music fan, draws a ticket to London and enjoy tunes from around the world. If the soul needs another holiday, you can go to Belgium and Denmark, it was there in December it goes "month of beer" - one of the largest and most colorful events of the year.


If you like the winter cold monthsheat, you can spend the December holidays in warm countries, such as the popular Indian resort of Goa. Also very comfortable conditions at this time of the year differ Dominican Republic and Seychelles. December - enough profitable prices on travel, for example, in Thailand can be as little as US $ 700-800. In addition, at this time of tour operators offer a huge number of special offers and last minute trips. It should be remembered that during the 8-10 days before the New Year tour operators dramatically increase the price of vouchers, so try to go for a vacation in early December.


Enjoy outdoor activities? It's time to go to Switzerland, Bulgaria and Italy, there is a large number of ski resorts where you can go skiing. Experts recommend winter holidays especially Bulgaria, because there is the most safe descent, which, combined with an excellent infrastructure will help you relax and have fun.


If you are going to rest in December the whole family, youperfect for Finland, as the country of all kinds of entertainment and sports. It is here that lives the famous Santa Claus, on which deer can ride with the whole family. In addition, it takes a huge amount of events and ceremonies in the open air, where you can take an active part.

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