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WHERE you can go fishing in the suburbs


Where can I fish in the Moscow region </a>

Fishing is a fairly common hobby and amongMen, and among women. Residents of Moscow - a city that can not boast of very clean water reservoirs full of fish - still have the opportunity to fish plenty, having left for the territory of the Moscow region.

And a sufficient number of fish can be found in almost any direction from the city.

North of the Moscow Region

This direction is the most popularAmong anglers. For example, the Volga River, flowing through the territory of the Moscow Region near the city of Dubna, is a favorite place for fishermen. The most "fish" is the lower part of the river after the dam of the Ivankovo ​​reservoir. Here you can catch pike perch, asp and even pike, as well as bream and burbot.
Interesting for fishermen and smaller tributariesThe Volga - Shosh, Lob and Lama, you can also catch a roach, a scoundrel, a dace, a small ide, a pike and a perch in their waters. Places at the bottom of the current Lobby and Lamas are very interesting places for fishermen of the Zavidovsky Reserve, most of which, however, unfortunately, is closed for catching fish.
Do not overlook your selfIvankovskoe reservoir, which residents of the Moscow and Tver regions also call the Moscow Sea. The reservoir and the ponds leaving it have a lot of interesting for fishermen's bays, slightly waterlogged places and small wooded islands. Fishermen, who prefer comfortable time at organized fishing grounds, can find a lot of paid fishing places in the vicinity of the reservoir and the city of Dubna. The most popular of them is the fishing base "Big Volga", arriving at which, you can find a comfortable lodging, a cozy restaurant, rent a boat or fishing equipment.
Loved by the fishermen near Moscow and the so-called "Devil's Marsh", which is the base of "Novo-Melkovo" (131 kilometers from the capital and 500 meters to the right of the Leningrad highway).

Other areas of the Moscow region

Having passed along the Riga highway, it is possible to get onSychev reservoir, which has an area of ​​126 hectares. Arriving here, you can catch a fairly large perch (up to 4.5-5 kilograms) and pike, crucian carp, tench and carp. There are also different - paid and free - places for catching fish in the Sychev reservoir.
Unfortunately, according to the reports of fishermen in 2013, the organized bases did not provide an opportunity to rent boats. It remains to be hoped that this omission will be corrected in the new season.
Getting to Sychevsky reservoir is prettyJust: you need to drive along the Riga Highway before turning to the village of Sychevo, and after 3 kilometers the road will lead directly to the desired place for the fisherman. On the way to the reservoir, lovers of free fishing can stop at small lakes and streams, where carp and rotan well peck.
Another popular place for anglers -Verkhnoruzskoe reservoir, which is the largest reservoir of this type in the suburbs. In this reservoir fall rivers Ruza, Doubnuvka, Stanovka, Belaya, Zharovnya and others. For the fisherman, this is just a paradise! A large number of pike-perch, asp, roach, bream, bream, crucian and tench. One thing is bad - the places where fish are caught here are still rather poorly organized, and it is necessary to know the suitable access roads to the Verkhnerozsky reservoir.

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