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Where you can go by train

Where you can go by train

Even if you do not fly, it is not a reasonlimit their movement, especially when next to you is such an accessible transport, the train, which takes you to many different points of the globe.



First, of course, you can go on vacation to a nearby town or in one of the cultural centers of Russia.


Also on the train ride to the southern borders of our country, where you can spend time in the summer, and in some areas, for example in Sochi, and in the winter well.


If you are in Moscow, you can use the trainYou can go on a variety of organized day trips, from Kolomna and Tula and ending theme trips, for example, in Borodino. To get them, you need only buy a train ticket, the organization of excursions included in the price.


Do not forget that you can get a train andto Europe. In the season from September to May can be happy to visit excursion to countries such as Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, France. In winter, you can be happy to go skiing in the resorts of Austria, Bulgaria and Finland. And in the summer you can bask in the sun in Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, France and Bulgaria.


If you want to spend part of the holiday drivingyour car, but also want to take a train, and here the railways will go to meet you. Today, there are many routes that combine train and car. One of them was: Moscow - Helsinki. You take the train in Moscow and together with you on the train, in a special car, drive your car that you pick on arrival in Finland. At the same time customs clearance you pass on the way, without wasting time standing in line at the checkpoints.

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