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WHERE can I take the honey


Where can I take the honey</a>

Honey is the most useful and natural product.

It is effective in certain diseases, for example, with cold and flu, and also has heating properties. Ideal even for pregnant women and infants.

But with all the positive qualities of honey, there is a minus: the emergence of difficulties in the implementation of this curative product.

What to do?



Give it to the state. The easiest, but not particularly monetary way, since only a certain percentage is given for all products, and not the entire amount.


Rent in stores. Can be wholesale and retail. But for successful trading and constant profit, it is better to hand over to retail, as there are situations when the relationship between the buyer and the seller can abruptly stop due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances: more favorable conditions on the side, reduced cost.


Sale at fairs. Once a year, and in some cities - Grodno, Moscow - specialized honey fairs are held twice. To participate in them, pour out the honey on plastic containers of various sizes, pay a certain amount for the space occupied. The price is better to install with a small cheat, so that the hands left a net profit.


Open ads. This option is suitable for rural residents and those who do not have access to the Internet. Glue ads on all poles, stops and so on with a mandatory indication of the phone.


Advertise on the board and newspapers. There are paid and free advertising applications, as well as newspapers where you can place your ad. In addition, there are special boards both in reality and on the Internet, where you can also place your ads.


Place ads on online forums. Register on any food forum and put your ad, and also join a group of beekeepers.


Trading through an intermediary. Hand over all production to a special person, but the profit will be very small. If desired, the intermediary comes for the products at home.


Trade in the markets or the highway. Another way to get rid of honey and get a net profit. But there are two conditions for successful trading: paying for a place in the market and willingness to sell in any weather.

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