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Where can I do now!

Where can I do now!

Pupils and students often wonder when and where they can enroll for higher or professional education.

Admission time in the institution often depends on how many free places available in it at the moment.

You will need

  • - A diploma, certificate or other evidence of the completion of education (original and copy) -
  • - Passport (original and copy).



Enrolled in a higher education institution at the end11 class. To submit personal documents to be specially installed a university term. Usually the reception begins at the end of May or early June and ends in July and August. Start the application period depends mostly on the date of the Unified State Examination and verification of results. Please note that some universities extend the deadline is due to an insufficient number of applicants.


Apply for a higher absenteeeducation. Typically, an appropriate reception continues until the of September due to the fact that the classes for the students at the correspondence department begin later than full-time. In addition, those wishing to study here mostly smaller, so you can try to enter the "zaochku" in almost every month.


If the time for filing had passed withoutlose hope: periodic call in the places you are interested in and browse their web sites on the subject of training places liberated. Some students excluded for academic failure and other reasons, so in this case it is important to have time to take the vacant place.


Go to college, technical school, orvocational school at the end of the ninth or eleventh grade. These institutions make it possible to apply for membership at almost any time due to the small number of students. Furthermore, they flow does not usually require the examination results of the state.


If you are already getting a higher education, you cantry to apply the same or another institution to obtain additional higher education. These services are not free, but at the time of the end of your education, you have the chance to become a qualified professional in several areas.

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