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WHERE can I go now?


Where can I go now?</a>

School children and students are often interested in what time and where they can go to get a higher or special education.

The time of admission to an educational institution often depends on how many available places there are in it at the moment.

You will need

  • - diploma, certificate or other certificate of completed education (original and copy) -
  • - passport (original and copy).



Enroll in a higher education institution after graduation11 class. To submit personal documents should be in the period specially established by the university. Usually, the reception begins in late May or early June and ends in July-August. The beginning of the application period depends most often on the date of the Unified State Exam and on checking the results. Please note that some higher education institutions extend the deadline for accepting documents due to the insufficient number of entrants.


Apply for higher correspondenceEducation. Usually, the appropriate reception continues until September, due to the fact that classes for students in the correspondence department begin later than on the full-time. In addition, those who want to study here are often less likely, so you can try to enter "zauchku" almost in any month.


If the time for submission of documents has already passed, do notLose hope: periodically call in the institutions you are interested in and browse their websites for the vacant places. Some students are dismissed for poor progress and for other reasons, so in this case it is important to have time to take a vacant seat.


Go to college, college orThe vocational school after the ninth or eleventh grade. These institutions allow you to apply for entry almost at any time because of the small number of students. In addition, admission to them usually does not require the submission of the results of the state examination.


If you already get higher education, you canTry to apply to the same or another institution for an additional higher education. These services are paid, however, by the time your education ends, you have a chance to become a qualified specialist in several areas at once.

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