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WHERE can I do by passing the story


Where can I go if I pass the story</a>

To get a certificate of secondary education, the student must pass compulsory exams in the Russian language and mathematics.

The graduate chooses the remaining subjects independently, depending on which higher education institution he plans to enter.

Having passed the final examination in history, you will be able to apply for very promising specialties.



If history is really your favoriteSubject, go to the Faculty of History. Social science will be the second necessary subject for most historical branches. In some cases, especially when enrolling in courses related to the history of the East, a foreign language is required as a second choice exam. Note that in this case the story will be a profile exam, and you will need to get the best possible score on this subject.


You can choose archaeological orCulturological direction. To enter the faculty of archeology, you will also need the USE on history, social studies and the Russian language. Examinations for admission to undergraduate cultural studies depend on the specifics of the program of a particular institution, but in the overwhelming majority of cases include history.


Think about entering the law department. Most often, universities offer social studies as a profile exam in this direction, and the results of the USE on history are often required as a second. Although the history exam in this case does not belong to the profile, it can greatly affect the total score. Therefore, when going to become a lawyer, devote enough time to this subject.


A suitable option for you is to becomeEducation, implying the study of foreign languages. The faculties of linguistics and intercultural communication, translations, regional studies often require a history along with the main exam in a foreign language. Also, the USE on history may be necessary for admission to specialties related to international relations. An exception can be considered the international economy - upon admission to this faculty you will benefit more from the results of examinations in social studies, mathematics and the Russian language.


Consider entering a branch"Tourism". Along with the history, you, most likely, will need to pass social studies. Education in the tourism sector can be obtained in a variety of universities - often such training programs are opened even on the basis of technical universities.

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