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Where you can do by passing the story

Where it is possible to do by passing the story

To receive a high school diploma, the student must pass the required exams in Russian language and mathematics.

The rest of the subjects the graduate chooses independently, depending on what college he plans to do.

After passing the final exam on the history, you will be able to apply for a very promising field.



If the story - it's really to your favoritesobject, do the history department. The second necessary subject for the majority of historical social science departments will be. In some cases, especially when entering the directions associated with the history of the East, as a second choice exam is required to pass a foreign language. Note that in this case history will be profiled exam, and you need to get on this subject the best possible estimate.


You can choose archaeological orculturological direction. For admission to the Faculty of Archaeology you will also need the exam in history, social studies and Russian language. Examinations for admission to the Bachelor of Cultural Studies programs depend on the specifics of a particular institution, but in most cases, include the story.


Think about applying for law school. Most often, universities offer as a profile examination on the direction of social science, as well as a second often require the exam results stories. Although the exam in history, in this case does not apply to the profile, it can greatly affect the total amount of points. Therefore, intending to become a lawyer, devote enough time to this subject.


Suitable for you can beeducation, implying the study of foreign languages. At the Faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, translations of Regional History is often required in addition to the main exam in a foreign language. Also on the history exam may be required when applying for a degree related to international relations. An exception can be regarded as the international economy - for admission to the faculty you more useful results of the social studies exam, mathematics and Russian language.


Consider entering the compartment"Tourism". Along with the story you most likely will need to take social studies. Education in the tourism sector can be prepared in a variety of higher education institutions - often similar training programs are opened even on the basis of the technical universities.

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