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Where you can enter by passing physics

Where it is possible to do by passing physics

Physics - it's one of the examinations by choice, which the student can take the exam in the form of post-11 classes.

The exam requires careful preparation for all the high school, but it is worth it - in front of you will have a wide range of technical fields for entering the university.



If physics - this is the most interesting for youscience, make it their profession - he entered the Faculty of Physics. In this case, do you wish to gain the maximum score in physics, as this exam - profile. Department of Physics there in classical universities and technical colleges. But if the first is prepared primarily for future scholars, in the second - engineers with a focus on the future practice. You will also need a good knowledge of mathematics. The third required exam required Russian language - for him to satisfy more modest requirements.


Think about applying for the geology department. Speciality geologist will give you the opportunity not only to become a scientist, but also to work in a highly sought after in the Russian oil and gas sector. Profile test of the geological faculty can be either math or physics, depending on the faculty policy. Another possibility to get into the oil and gas sector can be educated in the field of physical chemistry - this specialty at the intersection of science will give you a broad practical knowledge. Typically, specialists in this discipline are prepared at the Chemistry Department. However, for this course you need also good results in chemistry exam.


If you passed the exam and even in biology, think aboutadmission to the Department of Biophysics. This specialty is closely associated with modern medicine, it can help you in finding employment in the field of biotechnology, the production of various drugs.


For those who have recruited high scores not onlyin physics, but also in computer science, it is possible to learn to be a specialist in information systems. In particular, Moscow's famous high school - MIPT - for admission to the Bachelor of Computer Security the third required exam after science and math - a physicist.

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