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The choice of institution and profession is very important, because it affects not only the school, but also on further life, career, success.

So it makes sense to decide as soon as possible to where it is you want to do, and who plan to work in the future.



After graduating from secondary school -school or high school, the graduates face difficult choices: where to go to learn more? The decision may depend on many factors: performance, selected exam, the availability of funds, allowing to study free of charge, and, of course, is the specialty that in the end they plan to get. In order to make the right decision, in any case it is not necessary to choose an educational institution and a profession spontaneously. Study booklets and leaflets, visit open days, traditionally The ongoing spring all the universities and colleges, research the job market and understand their preferences and desires. Very useful to take tests to vocational guidance, which can be found on the Internet.


Primarily, it is necessary to choose betweensecondary and higher education. The first will give you a profession after only a few years, also does not require such high-scoring finals. On the other hand, the presence of higher education gives a certain prestige, becoming a ticket to a higher position, and universities diplomas are valued by employers is much higher. However, if you do not mind the time to self-development, you may well get a vocational education on a particular specialty, and then continue their studies at the institute. This will give you an idea of ​​the future work, study disciplines, in addition you will have the opportunity to gain experience and understand as much as for you.


If you definitely decided to enter the university,you should understand in advance what kind of profession you want to study. In addition to the huge amount of humanitarian and technical areas there is still medicine, veterinary medicine and agriculture. To make it easier to choose the faculty and specialty, try to imagine his life and career in a year, two, ten after graduation. Ask yourself the question, who you want to be in the final of his career? Note that in most universities in the first year, mainly studied general subjects, so you will be able to change the specialty or even faculty is subject to availability and for a fee.


Actually the choice of an educational institution must bemake not only on the basis of a passing score on the desired specialty, but also because of its reputation, educational and material basis, the possibility of scientific research and postgraduate education. As a rule, state universities listed above commercial, but there are exceptions. It is not necessary to study the humanities in a technical college, and vice versa. Finally, if the most suitable for you university is located in another city, you should not be afraid of this: after all, it was in a hostel can fully enjoy all the charm of a student's life.

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