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Where you can create your own free website

Where you can create your own free website

Today, the Internet provides several resources that let you create a free full page for each user on the Internet.

Such sites designers have extensive functionality, which allows you to adjust the set of resource parameters in accordance with any requirements.

And because these sites are well suited for both beginners and advanced webmasters.

Website Builder

Ucoz is one of the most popular resources,allowing to create a fully functional online business card or a small blog. control panel controls allow the user to change the design of the page.
Advanced webmasters have the ability toeditors use CSS and HTML code, which are also available in the interface. If you have experience with the system, you will learn how to insert your own graphics, change the page layout and create original websites. This service is free and does not charge any additional fees to the user.

For newcomers to the construction sites, there are ready-made themes and easy visual editor that allows you to set up directly on the screen design.

Among the alternative with the same designersfunctionality may be noted Nethouse, WIX and Jimdo. These resources have a simple interface that can be more understandable to the novice user.

Free hosting

If you already have an idea of ​​the structure andtechnology of building sites, you can fill your own resource necessary content and write your own code for your site. Free hosting will be a good opportunity to start sites with little attendance - for example, business sites or personal blogs with little traffic.
Providers that do not remove the fee for hosting,to obtain the benefits enjoyed by other methods. For example, many hosting place their own ads on the web pages of their clients, thus compensating for the fees. Sometimes free tariff plans are implemented in companies that just opened and need to expand their audience.
it may be noted among Russian hosting resourceHostinger, which provides free services package from the PHP or MySQL, 100 GB monthly traffic, and 2 GB of hard disk space. These requirements will satisfy the most novice webmasters create their first websites.

Also popular are Holm.ru, Chat.ru, Fatal.ru and Virtual Avenue.

To find suitable for yourself free hosting, you can use the resource-bases, which contain data on the majority of hosting companies both in Russia and abroad.
Foreign hosting companies also oftenprovide free accounts on their servers, which, however, may not be sufficiently fast for the Russian site. The reason for low speed can be hosted on the server site, which are located far away from Russia, which could be the cause of the fall in popularity of the resource and the inability of some users to visit your project.

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