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WHERE winter flies

Swedish fly

Flies are among the most prolific insects. Winged creatures are a constant companion of man.

House flies are harmless, but they can be carriers of certain types of diseases.

Garden Representatives damage to crops and fruit crops. Flies appear in early spring and late autumn disappear.

The process of hibernation every species of these insects occurs in different ways.

As winter houseflies

Life housefly lasts usually notmore than one month. Insects that live in the late autumn, greatly changed with the onset of cold weather. If the summer to catch a fly - not an easy task, before the onset of winter, they become lethargic, sleepy and sluggish. Home flies task at a time - to find a safe shelter with a flat air temperature. Mostly wintering insects usually are cracks in window frames, space basements or balconies.

The notion that the fall of houseflies are beginning to bite - a mistake. This species of insects did not prone to this type of aggression. Bite person other species of flies - stable fly.

Once the fly is the place for the winter, ithibernates. All the biological processes of the body of the insect stop for six months. With the onset of thaw flies slowly beginning to wake up and return to normal life.
Deferred insect larvae and pupae in a period of cold weather are inactive. Life processes similar to start working after the normalization of temperature.

the mouse moves to the ground

As winter street flies

and how hedgehogs hibernate

Under the "street" refers to those fliesinsects that live in the fields, orchards and gardens. The main diet of these representatives of the world of insects - fruit and cereals, corn and grasses.

The world is represented by numerous species of flies, which exceed one thousand. These insects are common on all continents except Antarctica.

Hibernate are flies in the ground. However, to hide properly is not always possible, so most of the flies die from the cold, and winter only their larvae and cocoons. They hide usually in the stems of cereal crops or soil.

The first flies emerge from the larvae already atthaw attack. Their awakening directly affects the air temperature. It combines all species of flies that female can lay eggs almost everywhere - in plants, soil, food waste, landfills and urban trashcan. First, the eggs turn into larvae, and then through several molts are formed pupae from which the winged insects appear.

Before the start of the cold weather makes the female flies pasteggs. However, the larvae that do not have time to turn into insects do not die, and fall asleep. Survive they can virtually any climatic conditions. Adults are individuals often can not cope with the sudden frost.

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