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WHERE to register for a dance


Where to register for a dance</a>

Learning to dance is never too late, especially if you are not going to participate in championships and professional competitions, but just want to be able to move beautifully to music.

But which school of dance to choose and why?



There is a huge number of directions andStyles of dance. Folk, ball, historical, modern, street, sports, acrobatic - to choose really hard. Therefore, to begin with, it is worthwhile to understand which direction is closer to you. Also the role of training plays an important role. You can learn to surprise friends and acquaintances, dance at discotheques, perform on holidays, just improve your physical form and coordination of movements.


Learning to pair dance is easiest in the ballroomSchool. Classical ballroom program includes Viennese waltz, foxtrot, tango and slow waltz. However, dance schools tend to expand the list of dances studied, including rock'n'roll, group dances, and various curly waltzes. In any case, ballroom dances are aimed primarily at couples, and if you want to be able to dance beautiful pair dances, then this is your choice. Latin American dances also belong to the ballroom, although they represent a completely different direction.


Folk dances are a very extensive group,Which includes the best dance traditions of many countries. Russian, Polish, Irish, Indian, Mexican, Gypsy, Chinese dances are not a complete list of what can be learned in a good school. Most of them are group dances oriented to public performances, so they will suit you if you want to show your skills to as many people as possible.


Club dances, as the name implies, is danced inNightclubs and discos. They are fundamentally different from the scenic directions, and are a mix of several dance styles, adapted for club music and the size of the dance floor. To attend classes on club dances is worth it, if you are a regular visitor to clubs, and want to look good on the site.


The most popular schools are the historicalDances, where dancers are busy not only studying the ancient dance movements, but also get acquainted with the history of costumes of the respective epochs. Performances of studios of historical dances are always a bright and colorful spectacle, forcing viewers to plunge into the past.


Having decided on the direction, do not make a mistake withThe choice of a particular school. Pay attention to the professionalism of teachers, equipment of the hall, requirements for equipment. Dance is a pleasure, and it is not worth it to learn it in uncomfortable conditions.

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