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Learning how to dance is never too late, especially if you are not going to participate in the championships and professional competitions, and just want to be able to move gracefully to the music.

But what kind of a dance school to choose and why?



There are plenty of destinations anddance styles. Folk, ballroom, historical, modern, street, sports, acrobatic - really hard to choose. Therefore, to get started is to figure out what direction you closer. Also, an important role is played by the purpose of training. You can learn to impress your friends and acquaintances, dancing in discos, performing at festivals, just to improve fitness and coordination.


Trained pair dancing the easiest way to scoreschool. Classical ballroom program includes a Viennese waltz, foxtrot, tango and slow waltz. However, dance schools, as a rule, extend the list of studied dances, including his rock 'n' roll, group dances, various curly waltzes. In any case, ballroom dancing focused primarily on the pair, and if you want to be able to dance the beautiful dance pair, then it's your choice. Latin American dances also belong to the ballroom, but are completely different direction.


Folk dancing - a very broad group,including the best dance traditions of many countries. Russian, Polish, Irish, Indian, Mexican, Gypsy, Chinese dance - that's not far from a complete list of what can be learned in a good school. Most of them are group dances, focused on public speaking, so they come to you, if you want to demonstrate their skills to the greatest possible number of people.


Club dances, as the name implies, dancing innightclubs and discotheques. They are fundamentally different from the stage directions, and are a combination of several dance styles, adapted to the size of club music and a dance floor. Attend classes in club dances is, if you are a regular visitor to the clubs, and you want to look good on the court.


All schools are becoming more popular historicaldance, where the dancers are busy not only the study of the ancient dance movements, but also get acquainted with the history of the costumes of the era. Performances of dance studios historical - it is always bright and colorful spectacle, forcing viewers to plunge into the past.


To determine the direction, not to be mistaken withchoice of the particular schools. Pay attention to the professionalism of teachers, equipping the hall, on equipment requirements. Dance - is a delight, and trained him in the uncomfortable conditions is not necessary.

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