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Where to submit documents on the program "Young family"

To apply for the program Young family

Housing problem today - thea sore subject for many young families because the only units in Russia presented a gift to any property or money on it. As a rule, 99% of young family scrambles to solve the problem on their own, spending is more than one year.

Of course, there are several governmentprograms that are aimed at helping young families to acquire their own property, but the problem of the population is that many people simply do not know exactly how they have to act and where to go.



Due to the federal program "Young family"each married couple can receive from the state a specific subsidy for the purchase of housing. For a start they will have to collect certain documents confirming such a need. But it is worth noting that the right to participate in the federal program is only for certain categories of persons. You are required to fit under certain conditions. Age of people applying for new housing should not exceed 35 years. Also, you should really need to improve their living conditions. In addition, the important is to have the financial means to get a loan to buy housing.


So, if you have determined that your familyIt fits into this program, and has already started to collect the necessary documents for it, try to learn the full list of the necessary paperwork. To do this, you should contact the local authorities. It is their head oversees all issues related to this federal program. You should remember the entire list of documents required for queuing for a grant. Such a list can be found on the site of administration. Currently, the administration of each municipality has its own website, but keep in mind that in any area has its own nuances, so it is best to get acquainted with the list of documents directly to the organization.


Once you sdaditee documents youWe will have to wait a while to local government to check them. Only after that will put your family in a queue to receive subsidies. How fast you will be presented the subsidy depends on the number of people in the queue. Typically, in most cases, the line moves quickly. Local governments are grant an average of 200 families each year.

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