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Where to submit the statement of claim

Where to submit the statement of claim

For the protection of violated or disputed rights,freedoms and legitimate interests, in disputes arising from civil, labor, land, family, housing, contractual and other relations should be handled in court.

To do this, citizens, individual entrepreneurs, legal entities, public authorities and local governments are required to submit a claim in writing.

The statement is made in manuscript or in print.



Before writing a claim document, define,which court has jurisdiction and jurisdiction over your case. Jurisdiction and venue set in separate chapters of existing procedural and other laws of the Russian Federation.


If you are an individual and want to resolve the dispute withanother citizen or organization through the tribunal, then serve the statement of claim in civil court. A legal entity or individual entrepreneur action for resolving the dispute which has arisen in the implementation of economic and business activity, sends to the court of arbitration.


The statement on the lawsuit, consideration of which is included in the jurisdiction of the magistrate, present in the office of the judicial district where it will be registered accordingly.


From the place of the defendant, or the place of residencelocation of the organization to which the claim is made, the choice depends on the territorial court, which filed a lawsuit. If the defendant's place of residence or address of the organization is unknown, the statement of claim submitted to the court at the location of the defendant's property or his last known place of residence. Claims for disputes relating to land use and objects, buildings, structures firmly connected with the land, brought in the court at the location of these objects.


Apply for a claim in accordance with therequirements of the law with the name and address of a particular court. Make the number of copies by the number of defendants and third parties. Attach to the application the documents that confirm the facts or have probative value, as well as copies of these documents by the number of participants in the case. Do not forget the receipt of payment of state fees. Hand ready enforceability document to the office of the relevant court.


Counter-claim filed before the adoption ofcourt decisions directly to the judge at the trial or preliminary to the office of the same court. Preparation and presentation of the process of counter-claims made by the general rules of action proceedings.


Legal or natural persons shall have the rightseek to resolve the dispute to an arbitral tribunal. Before submitting the claim to a private tribunal the parties must enter into a written agreement to submit the dispute to a specific arbitration court.

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