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Where to Study: universities of St. Petersburg

Where to Study: universities of St. Petersburg

Petersburg Education is considered one of the most prestigious in Russia.

But each institution has its own strengths and weaknesses.

To study to be most effective, you need to choose the right university.

Saint Petersburg State University

St. Petersburg State University? one of the oldest universities in Russia. Its founder is Peter I? figure who opened a window to Europe. It is not surprising that education at this university is not worse than in European countries.
The university has 22 faculties, therefore,there are plenty to choose from. The University is strong in the humanities and in engineering. Reviews about the university as a whole positive, although it is possible to meet the complaints of a lack of practice in the Faculty of Journalism.
The University seeks to match itsposition in the world rankings, so it is difficult to study any specialty, but quite interesting. Passing grade is also very high, especially in the humanities departments, where ever there are many who wish to enter.


One of the best universities in the humanitarianthe area is in addition to the St. Petersburg State University Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television. Here you can train as a journalist and economist, and on creative specialties related to the movie. The University has a large base for practical training in all areas, with the result that graduates achieve great heights with the formation SPbGUKI. The only problem that may arise from the applicant, - a check in the hostel, as places for some reason almost always in short supply.

Medical educational institutions

St. Petersburg StatePediatric Medical University in the city is considered one of the best institutions, where higher education provide pediatricians. On the basis of the clinics, which are available at the institute, conducted workshops with students. It is worth noting that the Children's Hospital, which is under the auspices of the Institute, is considered one of the leaders in Russia. However, the Internet can find a lot of negative reviews about the provision of services in this clinic.
Saint-Petersburg State MedicalUniversity. Pavlov, or as it is called, "The first honey", was founded about a hundred years ago, and used to have a reputation as one of the best medical educational institutions. Now, many students say that equipping the university with equipment for practical training leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, it is necessary to go to an open day to find yourself, is it worth it to enter the school.

The main technical universities of St. Petersburg

One of the country's leading universities is consideredUniversity Communications. Bonch-Bruevich. The facility provides a good, broad education and all the conditions for the development of the individual. In addition, a pleasant bonus is the building of the University, which looks very stylish and modern both inside and out.
Another popular university, received in 2010, the status of national research university, is the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. SPbSPU cooperates with foreign universities all over the world (there are about 40). Also, the university has many honestly deserved medals and awards in the scientific field. This means that the level of education is high.

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