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Where to Study: universities of the city of Kirov

Universities Kirov

Kirov is not only the administrative centerKirov region, but also a center of science and education. In the city there are 22 higher education institutions, including the Institute 2, 7 academies, 12 universities.

Many universities in Moscow, Perm and St. Petersburg have opened their branches here.

The best universities of the city

Among the classical state universities specialappreciation from the students enjoyed Vyatka State University. You can access it by visiting his website or vyatsu.ru open day. The VSU students not only take on full-time and distance learning, but also in the evening on the areas of "Economics" and "Jurisprudence". There is a possibility of distance learning.

Non-state educational institution VyatskySocio-Economic Institute takes school graduates in areas of "Economy", "Management", "Psychology", "Computer Science", the field of "Taxes and taxation", "Finance and Credit" and others. The Institute works feature online enrollment that convenient for the residents of remote settlements.

For applicants wishing to obtain a humanitarianeducation, opens its doors Vyatka State University of Humanities. VyatGGu is one of the oldest educational institutions of Russia. In the national ranking of the university among the top ten humanitarian universities. VyatGGu students have an excellent opportunity to study at universities in countries such as France, Germany, USA, China.

Entrants who love medicine waiting in KirovState Medical Academy. Students are trained in areas of "Clinical Medicine", "Sociology and Social Work", "Psychological work", "Economics and Management".

The founder of agricultural science inKirov Region is Vyatka State Agricultural Academy. The university accepts graduates of schools and gymnasiums for such departments as agronomy, veterinary medicine, engineering, biological and economic.

Kirov Institute of Foreign Languages ​​takes students on directions "Translation and Translation", "Human Resource Management" and "Socio-cultural service and tourism".

Branches of universities in Kirov

Very popular among the branches instudents enjoyed a branch of the Moscow State Law Academy named after OE Kutafin. Here you can get an education in "Jurisprudence".

In the Kirov branch of the Academy of Law and Administration of the Federal Service for Execution of Punishment of the department work in five areas.

Get financial education offer Kirov branch of the Moscow Financial and Law University and the All-Russian Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute.
The branch of the Perm State Institute of Arts and Culture can receive higher education in the field of cultural studies and the arts.

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