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Where to start solid foods grudnichka

Where to start solid foods grudnichka

Universal answer to the question of where to start solid foods a child can not be, because each one is unique and requires an individual approach.

It is best to take the decision to start feeding after consultation with the pediatrician, and up to this point is to get the basic information about what may be the first products on the table at the kid.

The first solid foods a child in the form of vegetables

Vegetables suitable for those children who are observedproblems with a chair, as they help to normalize it and avoid constipation. Also, they are good as foods in the presence of excess weight. Among the vegetables themselves choose those that are considered to be the least allergenic and these include cauliflower, broccoli and zucchini. Carrots and pumpkin are later, as more often cause allergies. The controversial attitude to the potatoes. It is believed that in comparison with other vegetables it contains fewer nutrients, so you can not rush it. Furthermore, if the child allergenic, it is necessary before preparation of steeping in water to reduce the amount of starch to a minimum.

It is advisable to start with the vegetables growing inregion of residence, and not imported. Because if the start time for the winter feeding is necessary, it is better to take a ready-made baby food rather than zucchini and cabbage imported from abroad.

feeding fruit

This is one of the most beloved by many infantskids products, and an excellent choice to start feeding. The first to give the apples or pears, and finally leave the citrus fruit. Do not start with the berries, since the probability of allergy to any of bright products is much higher.

Lack of fruits in only one: to convince the child has a neutral taste vegetables is sometimes difficult after the test mashed sweet.

Lure grudnichka as cereals

As a rule, this type of product is also in demandsmall gourmets, as the previous one. Since it is recommended to start for those who have not traveled in weight. The first are the so-called gluten-free cereal, since this component in cereals and allergy. These include buckwheat, rice and corn, but wheat and oats should be postponed to a later reward. This also applies to so popular with grandmothers semolina.

What else you should know

Equally important are the timing of the introduction of complementary foods. Despite the fact that baby food manufacturers put on many of its products marked by four, or even three months, to hurry up with the introduction of complementary foods is not necessary. Optimal timing for the children who are breastfed - ranging from six months. For bottle-this framework more flexible and can be shifted by 4-5 months, but it is rather arbitrary. But trying to load the digestive system from achieving the three months - not a good idea, because the rush to lure may not only lead to allergies, but also digestive disorders.

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