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WHERE to vacation


Where to go on vacation</a>

Vacation is a great time.

A few weeks, free from work, you can spend on traveling around the world.

Almost at any time of the year you can find an interesting option for recreation.

Where to spend winter holidays?

For a long time, winter holidays have notIs considered unsuccessful. Even in winter, you can fly to the sea or go to the ski resort. Everything depends on your preferences. It is in winter that it is best to run to warm seas to the sea, as the "high season" begins there. Thailand, Goa, Bali - these are only the most popular destinations for winter holidays by the sea. The minimum cost of vouchers to these countries is about five hundred dollars per person. For this money you can get quite comfortable living conditions, have plenty to swim in the sea, lie on the beach, look at the most beautiful exotic temples, after all, enjoy the warmth and summer. About a thousand dollars (if you do not talk about New Year's holidays) will cost a week vacation in a four-star hotel. Lovers of nightlife are suitable for Thailand, seekers of spiritual enlightenment usually go to the non-tourist part of Goa, and Bali combines both options.

Try to plan your vacation in advance. So you can minimize costs.

If you want not to expose yourOrganism acclimatization problems and prefer active rest, go to the ski resort. If you are just mastering mountain skiing, Andorra will suit you, advanced skiers are waiting for the resorts of France and Austria. On average, a week's holiday at the ski resorts in Europe will cost a thousand dollars. In such places you can rent skis, learn in a specialized school or hire an instructor to learn the basics of skiing. In addition, more recently, a large part of the ski resorts "overgrown" with a variety of entertainment and spa centers, so that you can spend time with the whole family without harming each other's interests. If you want to go skiing in unusual conditions, go to Altai. There you can choose for yourself a program of any complexity, go to the most interesting ski trips or live away from people. The cost of such a vacation will be much lower, besides, you will not have to solve visa issues.

Undoubted advantage of Thailand can be called a visa-free entry for Russian citizens.

Where to spend your summer vacation?

In summer it is best to travel to Europe, because inWarm distant countries at this time are the rainy season. And it does not matter whether you want to spend time by the sea or prefer a sightseeing tour. In Europe, these two types of recreation can be combined. Spain, Italy, France have access to the sea, rest in these countries will not be too budgetary, but will be remembered for a long time. The only possible problem is obtaining a visa, however, if you take care of this issue in advance, special difficulties should not arise.

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