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WHERE to send their children to a dance in St. Petersburg

Where to send their children to a dance in St. Petersburg

The most cherished dream of all parents to their child grew up healthy, strong, flexible and resilient.

Dancing helps create good posture, promote harmonious physical development.

In addition, the child develops psychologically learning to control emotions and to express them with body language, expanding your social circle, getting socialization skills, and so on.

What kind of dance trends and schools prefer in St. Petersburg?



Many sports clubs have children's classesfitness, pilates and even ritmoplastikoy. While Dad "Iron Rod" in the gym, and my mother is engaged in yoga, baby, too, there are options. As a rule, children's fitness group taking boys and girls with 2.5-3 years. Kids dance to the lively music. All classes are held in the form of a game. Exercises on children's fitness - a kind of mix of dance, aerobics, gymnastics. Very often these classes are used balls, massage mats, trampolines.


One of the biggest advantages of childfitness and ritmoplastiki is that instructors will teach your child to feel the rhythm, move to the music. In St. Petersburg, lessons on children's fitness is in the center of the development of the "Merry Go Round", a family studio "Growth Studio" club Fitness house, pilates for the youngest in the sport club "Seaside", in the center of physical and aesthetic development of the "World of Childhood." Alex Fitness Center Network offers customers a joint dance class mothers and their children.


Different dance styles can notonly create a beautiful and toned body, but also to develop the child's imagination, to give him the opportunity to experience the true beauty of the most ordinary movements. Children of primary school age can learn the basics of folk and classical dance, to get acquainted with modern dance, to continue to make an informed choice of a direction.


In "Ordenans" school, choreographic studio"Fantasy", dance groups, collectives and comprehensive study of the dance is held at the homes of children's art. Teachers teach not only technique, but also raise issues of history and dance composition. If dance group refers to the municipal organization (House of Culture, the center of children's creativity, etc.), then it is possible the performance of children at city festivals, participation in festivals and competitions.


Modern dance styles (hip-hop,House, tectonics, modern jazz and others) present in most specialized dance schools, such as school WonderDance dance, dance club Monplezir, modern dance studio Joy Step, dance studio Teqilla Dance and others. Usually, younger group taking children from 9-10 years old, but there are exceptions.


When choosing places where your child willlearn the basics of modern dance, it is important to look at the teacher. It is desirable that he had certificates of completion of vocational skill courses or diplomas, confirming winning the competition. Classes on the street dancing and modern jazz are usually young teachers.


Classical dance - is the cornerstone. If you learn the principles of the classics, and then switch to any other dance direction or any other sport, it is possible to achieve outstanding results. In St. Petersburg, there is the National Ballet Academy where to take boys and girls from 4 years. If you choose to enroll your child in a real ballet, it is worth visiting the contest in the name of AJ Academy Vaganova. The network of fitness clubs Alex Fitness taught classical dance on a common basis, giving a rather serious base.


Modern ballroom dancing with balls, whichlike mad mazurka powdered ladies and gallant hussars, not related in any way. Ballroom dancing - a few varieties Waltz (Slow, Vienna), foxtrot, quickstep, samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha, jive, paso doble. To be engaged in for the fun of ballroom dancing can be at any age, but to get to the top of a career can be, if you start to learn the basics from 5-6 years.


School-Studio "Scarlet Sails" ballroom dance wellNotable residents of the northern capital, because its students often participate in urban and inter-regional competitions. The history of the club "Rhythm" ballroom dancing, which is located in the Kirov region, has more than 70 years of successful work.

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