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Where to send a letter to Santa Claus

To send a letter to Santa Claus

Letter to Santa Claus - a mandatory component of the pre-Christmas rush in any family where there are children.

Currently, there are several ways to remind Santa Claus about yourself and get away from it congratulations.



The first and most simple - to come to the Department of Post of Russia, where there is a possibility to order "Greetings from Santa Claus" to December 20 of each year. You will need to pay for the service and fill out the form.


You can write a simple letter. In these letters, among assorted descriptions of achievements in the past year, a child, as a rule, a detailed description of the desired gift that can be useful to parents. Often, the most sincere and kind letters Santa Claus is not only in a standard greeting that can separate your child please.


Before reaching the destination, even the letters in which only the "Santa Claus" is written. However, it is better to play it safe and give the full address: 162390, Vologda, Veliky Ustyug, Santa Claus.


To get the New Year's greetings, do not forget to include a return address. Very often, the lack of response associated with this, and not with the problems in the mail.


Sometimes a letter from Santa Claus is a long time, but if you do not forget to write on the envelope return address, it is sure to come.


If, for some reason, you can notsend an ordinary letter paper, use the internet. The website address of Santa Claus pochta-dm.ru can not only write an email but also enjoy the traditional paper greeting for your child.


The traditional letter are available and a small nice gift. Last, you can choose from when ordering a large number of options, but in general they are souvenirs and sweets.

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