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Where to rest in the summer of inexpensive

Where to rest in the summer of inexpensive

Summer - time for vacations.

Even crisis will not prevent people from thinking about the long-awaited vacation.

Alas, the growth of the dollar and the euro has adjusted the plans of many Russians.

Now holidaymakers are mainly thinking about where you can relax in the summer inexpensive.

Such a possibility, of course, exist.

Where cheap to rest in Russia

When deciding the question of whether, where to rest, You want to reduce costs, betterstay on holiday in Russia. Of course, buying a ticket to the resort or stay in hotels - not the best option for budget travelers. The fare can be higher than the price last minute in Egypt or Bulgaria.

But if you dare to take a tripsavage, can well spare. The owners will own cars the most favorable position. If the machine is full, gasoline will be cheaper than a train ticket or plane trip for each participant.

Fans of sunbathing and swimming can go onBlack or Azov Sea - in Crimea, Sochi, Krasnodar Krai resorts. Load in the trunk of a tent, develop a route, looking for a decent camping - and forward. prefer morecheap holidays? - In central Russia have beautiful lakes like Lake Seliger or Valdai. Natural beauty is not worse than the south, and the money for the trip will spend much less.

Many scenic spots there on the banks of the Volga andother Russian rivers. Can become an unforgettable vacation on Lake Baikal or in Karelia. However, this is far from the central areas of Russia, but the views are unreal.

Also, do not forget and about the tourtourism. Russia has such a rich history that there are many architectural monuments and other attractions, especially in the European part. You can go to an independentthe Golden Ring touror visit other historic towns - there is something to see.

Vacations abroad

Surprisingly, it is still possible cheap to rest on the seaBy buying a ticket abroad. Only permit this to be so-called "burning." Often the large tour operators, who buy space in hotels and airline tickets in advance, in bulk, do not sell it. Therefore, they are a few days before the departure date emit last minute deals on the market.

If you keep your finger on the pulse and are not put at the forefront the question of where to relax and to focus only on price, you can buy a ticket in Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey or Bulgaria for funnymoney. It is best to sign up for updates such popular resources such as Chip-Chip-trip or top. There are specially monitored last minute of the tour operators. And sometimes tours are sold at prices from $ 100 low.

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