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WHERE to rest in the summer in Russia


Where to relax in the summer in Russia</a>

A good rest, without leaving Russia, you can on the beaches of the Black Sea coast.

The resorts of the Krasnodar Territory offer not only a quality and interesting holiday, but also an excellent service.


For those who want to relax with the whole family in Russia,You can go to Anapa. The city-legend, located on the Black Sea coast, has become a traditional place of rest for Russians. Since the coast is very shallow, the beaches of Anapa are perfect for holidays with children. You can stay at the resort in a hotel, sanatorium or private house. Rest in Anapa can be both budgetary and luxurious. In addition to the beaches in Anapa, you can visit the dolphinarium, museums-reserves and therapeutic mud sources.

When planning a summer vacation in a Russian resort, it is better to book a hotel in advance.


Holiday in Gelendzhik can be rightly calledYouth. This resort is famous for its picturesque beaches and a lot of entertainment, for example, a large safari park, cable cars and water parks. In addition, there are a lot of good restaurants and nightclubs in Gelendzhik, so this is an ideal place to relax with a great campaign. Hotels and hotels have a diverse price policy and service level.


Sochi is a famous resort town thatAttracts tourists with its warm sea and mild sun. A place with an incredibly rich history and culture offers a lot of entertainment and sightseeing programs. In addition, in Sochi, you can take a course of health procedures in modern sanatoria and spa centers.

Every year on the Black Sea coast rests more than a thousand tourists from Russia and the near abroad.


Lovers of adventure will likeNovorossiysk. Picturesque landscapes and amazing sights make the trip in this city unforgettable. Warm sea and gentle sun make Novorossiysk one of the best resorts on the Black Sea coast. The connoisseurs of wine and champagne will like the resort villages of Myskhako and Abrau-Dyurso.


This resort on the Black Sea offersComfortable rest at any time of the year. However, it is in September and October, during the velvet season, there is unusually beautiful. Wildlife lovers will appreciate picturesque river canyons, mountain peaks and waterfalls. In the summer in Tuapse you can go scuba diving and enjoy the magnificent marine fauna. In this city there are many monuments of culture of the Bronze Age. In addition, Tuapse is famous for its sanatoriums, specializing in the treatment of varicose veins, hypertension, heart and vascular diseases, thyroid and respiratory tract diseases.

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