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Where to rest in the Crimea?


Crimea and was once a popular holiday destination for Russians, and now, after the fall of the ruble, the peninsula has become not only a favorite, but also more affordable compared to exotic countries.

Where to rest in the Crimea, not to be disappointed in the domestic resorts?

The best season for a holiday in the Crimea - from mid-Julyby mid-September. At this time, the warmest sea, the probability of prolonged rainfall is minimal. And this, of course, know the hoteliers and private landlords who give housing for rent. on vacation in the Crimea, prices are very high in July and August. And when you consider that the service in the usual 2-3 star hotels, not to mention the private landlords, still leaves much to be better, easier and often cheaper to go to the same Turkey. There for the same money you can get and clean rooms, and an extensive buffet, and sun loungers on the beach.

However, not all that bad in the Crimea. The last few years of opening private guest house for a few rooms. Relax inexpensive in Crimea may be in them. Guest houses there and on the South Coast, and nearby sandy beaches. This cozy mini-hotel with a small restaurant, and sometimes - with a swimming pool, playground, barbecue area. Guest houses in the Crimea belongs to the families or groups of friends who come together to provide a decent service at low prices. Guest House in Crimea can be found on the Internet. When looking, consider:

  • distance from the beach and of stores
  • pool available, a cafe or restaurant, children's room, parkovki-
  • food (it is included in the price or not) -
  • a large city is close by and if there is a shuttle service from the train / railway station or aeroporta-
  • You are charged an additional fee for any services (sauna, swimming pool, parking, laundry, linen, etc.).

All this is necessary to find out in advance so that on vacation did not have any unpleasant surprises.

Where to rest in the Crimea, which city to choose -you decide. Want the incredible beauty and clear sea views - pay attention to the South Coast (the southern coast of Crimea). But note that there is - and pebble beaches often have fairly deep at the entrance to the sea. That is, with small children would not be very comfortable with. But on the shallow sandy beaches and the neighboring cities of Sevastopol kids comfortable. The sea there - very warm and shallow, there are bays, where the depth - not above the knee. What you need for a holiday in the Crimea with children from 0 to 5-6 years.

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