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Where to rest in Moscow

Where to rest in Moscow

Moscow - the perfect place to relax.

There are hundreds of interesting museums, clubs, theaters, parks, where you can go to the company.

You can carry out different every night of the year.

Places for long walks

In the capital, you can find entertainment for all tastes. Nature lovers can go for a walk in any of the many parks in Moscow. At the same time in Kolomna or Archangel can simultaneously admire the monuments and in Sokolniki or Kuzminkah ride the rides. Moscow Parks are good throughout the year. In summer you can picnic or themed photo shoot in the winter - to participate in the traditional amusements. And in recent years, even the opportunity to celebrate the New Year in one of the city parks.

For those who prefer a leisurely stroll onParks unusual active vacation, there are a variety of sports clubs in Moscow. Here you can go rock climbing on the climbing wall, go-karting to learn, appreciate the joy of flying in the wind tunnel to learn how to skateboard or unusual unicycle. For all this, in the city there are dozens of specialized clubs and schools.

It is better to plan in advance for some leisure activities, to eliminate potential problems with the tickets.

you can go in a day in any of themany museums of Moscow. For example, in the erotic museum, an exhibition of vintage cars in the open-air museum of sculpture, the museum of chocolate ... And this is only a small part of the list. Well, for fans of art in the capital of a lot of traditional art museums and galleries.

Many museums in Moscow has recently been working until late at night.

You can just wander through the quiet nightthe historical center of Moscow. It is better if it is a weekday, then the people in the streets will not be very much. The narrow streets and alleys with modern illumination are a stunner. Walking on them is in itself a great holiday.

Rest in restaurants and clubs

Fans of gastronomic recreation can be found inMoscow the most interesting and unusual restaurants and cafes. You can try any cuisine of the world, enjoy the atmosphere of the Art Café. Of course, it is better to enjoy the kitchen is not alone, and assemble the company of fans of delicious food. Almost every day in the city opened new restaurants, so that you can arrange regular forays into these new places.

Lovers of active night life - nowexpanse in Moscow. Clubs, discotheques, night trips to museums, later excursions, by boat - a carefully planned night's sleep can be a very interesting and unusual. It can not be excluded from the list and nightly trips to the cinema.

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