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Where to rest in Egypt

Where to rest in Egypt

Egypt - a country located on two continents (Africa and Asia) and the owner of two seas - the Mediterranean and Red, can not but arouse interest among vacationers.

The resort is attractive variety of leisure activities, beautiful scenery, historical sites.

Indeed, the holiday in Egypt is very popular. Throughout the year there is the possibility to sunbathe under the bright rays of the sun, breathe the sea air, swaying to the warm waves of the Red Sea.

A variety of leisure activities

In Egypt, you can find a variety of leisure activities, so they are chosen depending on the preferences and leisure purposes.

Among the most common types of activeIt is diving, which attracts because it gives the possibility to make a fascinating journey through the complete exotic underwater world of the Red Sea.

No less interesting trip you can make, going to excursions, during which campers personally see the familiar from the history books of Egypt attractions

- Ancient pyramid (the most famous of them - the pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu) -
- A huge statue of the Sphinx 20 meters and a length of 73 metra-
- A mountain called Sinai, which is associated with the events described in the Bible.

The idea of ​​the culture of ancient Egypt extends acquaintance with the temples, erected in honor of the pharaoh Ramses II and Nefertiti in Abu Simbel, and - the queen by the name of Hatshepsut in Luxor.

The most attractive to tourists is the recreationon the sea beach, because this kind of spending free time is directly related to the performance of the majority of people about the full release. Warm golden sand, splash of sea waves, water surface, stretches out to the horizon, a lot of sun - all this is a distraction from the hustle and creates the conditions for the real rest, improves health.

A variety of seating

The most popular destinations in Egyptbeautiful beaches and plenty of comfortable hotels - is Sharm el-Sheikh in South Sinai, Hurghada and in the eastern part of the Egyptian coast. They are considered ideal resort places.

In Egypt, there are many other places, is not so well-known, but has its own advantages:

- Is a small, but pleasant enough town of El Guna-
- Marsa Alam, which is a tourist complex
- Dahab, which is considered the most suitable place for family otdyha-
- Taba, famous for its beauty and gives the opportunity to combine a beach holiday with excursions to Cairo, and many others.

Geography resorts of Egypt is very diverse. But they are all united by a common feature such as the carefully thought-through organization of leisure guests who come here.

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