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WHERE complain Housing

Where to complain about Housing

Precedents related to violation of water andheating, gas supply, lack of capital, maintenance or obvious errors utility payments and reduced tariffs, often cause a storm of negative emotions.

Actions of representatives of utilities it is possible to appeal.



The protection of rights and legal interests of consumersutilities issued a decree for №307, known as a resolution "On the procedure of provision of public services to citizens." Check with him before writing the complaint.

Authoritative authority controllingimproper performance of duties of the housing and communal services is Goszhilinspektsiya or public association of consumers. A written statement describing in detail the problem, you can either be sent by post or transmit to the reception of the corresponding department.


The most effective way to its appealrights will be collective complaints. The organization is obliged to conduct a field audit, the result of which would be the act of fixing committed offenses that do not meet current standards.


On complaints of this kind leavesabout 30 working days, and only in rare cases, the period may be extended for another month, after which the perpetrators must be punished in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offences. Such violations, as well as non-compliance with the terms of written applications of citizens, in accordance with paragraph 68 of the "Rules of providing public services" are punishable by very severe penalties applicable to the bodies and Goszhilinspektsii.


More serious issues related toeg with or engaged in indexing tariffs Regional Tariff Service, the issues of all kinds of benefits - the Ministry of Labour and social development of the region, the temperature coefficients - the scope of the Agency for Technical Regulation Federal level.


If inspection or calledthe competent authorities are in no hurry to take action with respect to the housing and communal services representatives or the measures taken seem sufficient to you, you can file a complaint with the prosecutor's office, while the application must all documents, and in the presence and photographs that confirm the fact of violation of your rights.

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