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WHERE complain about the mail

Where to complain to the post office

Lost parcels, money orders, which came late, incorrect behavior of the staff - all this is only a small part of the reason for the complaint to the post office.



Services provided by FSUE "Mail of Russia" shouldmeet the requirements of the Federal Law of 17.07.1999 number 176-FZ "On Postal Communication" and approved by the Regulation of Postal Services. In the event that the service does not meet the rules and regulations, a person has a full right to appeal or make a claim to the organization.


About where to complain about the poor quality of the work of mail employees, the customer can learn from the following sources:

- Directly to the post office of FSUE "Mail of Russia" on the stand with the placement of information "information on the location of reception and consideration of claims" -

- Making a free call to the hot line Help Desk 8-800-2005-888-

- Send a message to the email address Client@russianpost.ru.


On incorrect service at the post officeyou need to complain to his manager. Discontent, of course, can be made orally, but in this case you will be denied the opportunity to learn of the action in relation to the offender penalties, as well as get an official response, which can be, for example, to appeal. It is therefore reasonable to submit a written complaint in which you must specify your credentials (name, address for sending back letters, phone), and explain the essence of the claim. For treatment, you can make copies of documents proving your words (checks, receipts, etc.). To prepare an appeal to the two copies is optional, just make sure that your application is received incoming registration number. Make a note of it.


Leaders in the field do not always respond tocomplaints about their subordinates, so in the absence of a response on the application within 30 days, you can appeal to the head of FSUE "Mail of Russia" in the region. Application procedure is similar, but in the new paper will need to specify and the previous number, and date, and to report the fact of non-response within the law "On the work with citizens' time.


By the way, a complaint can be sent not only by mail but also through social networks, recently "postal service" actively exploring this space, and therefore on all calls react quickly.


If necessary, filing,related to the search of postal orders and shipments, complete the standard form, after taking it in the mail or by printing with http://www.russianpost.ru site. Submit a written statement at any OPS, regardless of where you live, residence, etc., The head of department or service concerned with the claims. Please note that waiting time response depends on the situation and can last up to 2 months.


Do not neglect the book of complaints and suggestions,available in every post office in an accessible place for the client. Left to her statements transmitted to the main post office for consideration and response. The answer should be sent to the address of the applicant and pasted into the book of complaints and suggestions.

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