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WHERE to complain about mail


Where to complain about mail</a>

Lost parcels, remittances, late arrivals, improper behavior of employees are all just a small part of the reasons for complaining about the post office.



The services rendered by FSUE Russian Post shouldComply with the requirements of the Federal Law of 17.07.1999 No. 176-FZ "On Postal Communication" and the approved Rules for the provision of postal services. In the case when the service does not comply with the rules and regulations, a person has the full right to appeal or make a claim to the organization.


The client can find out where to complain about the poor work of mail employees from the following sources:

- directly in the postal service of FSUE Russian Post on the stand with the posted information "Information on the place of receipt and consideration of claims"

- by making a free call to the hotline number of the help desk 8-800-2005-888-

- writing a message to the email address Client@russianpost.ru.


On incorrect maintenance in the post officeYou need to complain to his supervisor. Discontent, of course, can be stated verbally, but in this case you will be deprived of the opportunity to learn about the measures taken against the offender, and also do not receive an official response, which, for example, can be appealed. Therefore it is more reasonable to file a written complaint, in which it is necessary to indicate your credentials (full name, address for sending a return letter, phone), and also state the essence of the claim. You can enclose copies of documents confirming your words (checks, receipts, etc.). You do not need to compose the appeal in two copies, just make sure that your application receives an incoming registration number. Remember or write it down.


Leaders in the field do not always respond toComplaints against their subordinates, so if there is no response to the application within 30 days, you can contact the head of FSUE Russian Post in the region. The procedure for filing the application is similar, however, in the new paper it will be necessary to indicate both the number of the previous one and its date, and inform about the fact that the answer is not received within the time limits established by the law "On work with citizens' applications".


By the way, the complaint can be sent not only by mail, but also through social networks, recently "postal workers" are actively learning this space, and therefore all appeals quickly react.


If it is necessary to file a claim,Connected with the search for postal money orders and parcels, fill out the standard form, pre-pick it up at the post office or print it from the site http://www.russianpost.ru. Submit a written application to any TSO, regardless of your place of residence, residence permit, etc., to the head of the department or to the service dealing with claims. Please note that the length of waiting for an answer depends on the situation and can last up to 2 months.


Do not neglect the book of complaints and suggestions,Available in each branch of communication in a place accessible to the client. The statements left in it are sent to the main post office for consideration and a reply. The answer is to be sent to the applicant's address and pasted into the book of complaints and suggestions.

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