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Where to put the TV

Where to put the TV

Such an appliance such as a TV, in some homes there is not a single copy.

It is necessary to know where and how to put it to match the dimensions of the room.



Small size light unpretentiousTV will fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, bedroom, office, office space. To put this kind of TV can be on the bedside table, a special TV stand, on the refrigerator, a coffee table. If you think inharmonious to put on a big bulky fridge small TV - put it on the stand under the TV attached to the wall.


The living room, the hall, the larger size, it is unlikelyDo do without modern flat LCD TVs with big diagonal. But it is important, how you put a TV. There are special accessories for such equipment - TV Stand, wall shelves with special connectors for large TV displays. You can also hang the TV to the wall on special holders, which also allow it to rotate and set as the audience will be more convenient.


Hang up or put the TV away fromdirect hit on his panel sunlight, from central heating house or apartment, to extend its work and avoid breakdowns. When choosing a place for your TV, consider the location of windows. Put it so that the light from the windows falling on kinescope household appliances, otherwise you'll have to endure the glare on it while watching programs.


For large TVs usually joinsystem DVD, player, video, audio amplifiers. Therefore, given this fact, install the TV where next to it you can find a place under the additional household appliances unit.


It is important to take into account when setting the distanceTV between it and your eyes. TV screen should be positioned at eye level. According to instructions from professionals TV it must be set at the level of one meter twenty centimeters from the floor. Not higher. Otherwise, you have to crane your neck, raising her head to watch TV shows.


The ideal distance to the TV from personIt is calculated as follows. Multiply the diagonal width of the TV screen for three. The resulting figure will be perfect for the distance between the TV and those of his looks.

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