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WHERE to put the money tree


Where to put the money tree</a>

The money tree is usually called the rosula. This is a small tree with oval thick leaves, for which the plant received another name - Tolstyanka.

Money tree refers to succulents. In natural conditions such plants accumulate liquid in fleshy stems or leaves during the rainy season, and in the dry season gradually spend it.

Tolstyanika in some cultures is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity.



Regardless of whether you stick toPrinciples of feng shui or not, determine for the money tree a light corner of the room. If you want to equip your home with feng shui, define a wealth zone in the apartment, and in it - a corner so that it is in the south-eastern part of your home. This advice is also suitable for those who simply want to provide the plant with optimal conditions, since there is always enough light in such a corner.


In addition to light, a fat woman needs fresh air. The corner where the plant will stand should be well ventilated. The money tree is a hardy plant, and an open window does not harm it even in a frigid frost. Much worse this plant will feel itself in the heat and stuffiness.


The angle where the redsula will stand must beAlways clean. Dust clogs the pores on the leaves, the plant receives less moisture. Best of all, if you put a fat on a stand, which can often be wiped. In general, the place should be such that it is easy to reach up to each of its points with a wet rag. You can place objects for caring for a plant - a watering can, an atomizer, a sponge to wipe the leaves, etc.


An important role is played by the color solution of the corner. If you adhere to the principles of feng shui, it is better to choose wallpaper or carpet of dark blue, dark green or black. Red objects should be removed. By the way, this is true for those who do not share similar ideas - the reds look better on a dark background, and red objects will distract from it.


It's a very good decision to put the redsulaNext to the aquarium. In this case, both the color gamma and the humidity regime are observed. The water evaporates from the surface of the aquarium in an amount sufficient to make the tree feel good.


Fans of Feng Shui have a wealth zoneNot only in the room or in the kitchen. It is possible that she will be in the bathroom or the hallway. Real redsula in a dark room can not live, so it's better to make an artificial money tree. Topiary can be from a variety of materials - paper, fabric, plastic. The general principles of its placement will be somewhat different. An artificial tree does not need sunlight and frequent airing. The angle should be in the south-eastern part of the zone, it must often be removed. The color solution of the room is the same as in the first case - that is, the wallpaper or tile should be dark, and bright objects are best removed.

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