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WHERE to put the conditioner


Proper installation of air conditioning - a pledge of excellence </a>

Selecting the location for the wallSplit systems - this is a fairly time-consuming and costly process, requiring a well-considered decision. After all, if the air conditioner is unsuccessfully installed, the subsequent dismantling and transfer will cost considerable effort and money.

Also, the further successful functioning and health of people in the room will largely depend on the location of the equipment installation.

Basic conditions for choosing a place for installing an air conditioner

As a rule, the decision to choose a place forLocation of the indoor unit of the air conditioner is taken directly during installation by the specialists of the company in which the equipment was purchased. To avoid dishonest work done and not to be disappointed as a result, it is necessary to study a few simple rules that will allow you to decide on the choice of a site for a split system.
First, when installing the air conditioner, the distanceBetween the block itself and the ceiling must be at least ten centimeters. If by any circumstances this condition is not achieved, then the distance can be reduced, but not more than five centimeters. From the wall, the air conditioner must be removed at least 30 centimeters.

From the point of view of the rules for creating an attractive interior design, the indoor unit of the split system is recommended to be placed near the windows.

Secondly, the flow of cooled air in no wayThe case should not be directed to the part of the room where people are most often located. For example, on a recreation area or workplace. The flow of conditioned air averages 7-12 ° C below the ambient temperature, which means that even short-term exposure to cold may cause poor health, and in some cases lead to severe colds, possibly pneumonia.
Third, the air conditioner should not be placed above theCabinets and other high furniture, if the distance to the bottom of the block is less than one hundred centimeters. Also, the split system should not be installed in places where there are any obstacles to the free movement of the air flow. This will lead to incorrect air circulation in the room, so that the air conditioner will not work as efficiently.

The flow of cool air,Obstacles, climbs back into the air intake. The temperature sensor receives a signal that the room temperature has reached the specified parameters and the air conditioner is switched off.

Where to put air conditioning in the bedroom

When installing an air conditioner in the bedroom, very oftenThere are doubts about the safety of the source of coolness in this or that part of the room. If the room features do not allow you to install the air conditioner as far as possible from the place for sleeping and direct air in the opposite direction, it is more correct to mount the unit directly above the head of the bed. In this version, the cooled air does not blow the upper half of the body and the head, but only affects the legs, which are usually covered with a blanket or blanket. In addition, at night you can change the settings of the air conditioner and increase the air temperature by several degrees, making it safer. Also do not forget about the adjustment of the direction of air flow.

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