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Where to put the air conditioner

Correct installation of the air conditioner - a pledge of wellbeing

Choosing locations for wallsplit-system - it is quite time-consuming and expensive process that requires well thought-out solutions. After all, if the air conditioner set to fail, the subsequent dismantling and transfer will cost a lot of effort and money.

It is also the place of installation of equipment will largely depend on its continued successful operation and health of the people in the room.

The basic conditions when choosing a place to install the air conditioner

As a rule, the decision of choosing a site forlocation of the indoor unit is taken directly in the company's specialist installation, in which the equipment was purchased. To avoid the work done in bad faith and not be disappointed in the result, it should be good to learn a few simple rules that will independently decide on the choice of site for a split system.
First, when installing the air conditioner awaybetween the bloc and the ceiling should not be less than ten centimeters. If for some reasons the conditions to achieve this is not possible, the distance can be reduced, but not more than five centimeters. From the walls of the air conditioner must be removed for at least 30 centimeters.

From the point of view of the rules create an attractive interior design, the indoor unit split systems should be placed near windows.

Secondly, the flow of chilled air in anycase should be directed to that portion of the room where people are more often. For example, in the recreation area or workplace. The jet of air conditioned by an average of 7-12 ° C below the temperature of the surroundings, which means that even a short exposure being under cold may cause a bad state of health, and in some cases lead to severe cold, pneumonia possible.
Third, the air conditioner should not be placed oncabinets and other tall furniture, if the distance to the underside of the unit is less than one hundred centimeters. You should also give up the installation of split systems in the places where there are obstacles to the free movement of air flow. This will lead to an incorrect air circulation in the room, whereby the air conditioner will operate less efficiently.

The flow of cool air, colliding withobstacles, climbs back into the air intake. Temperature sensor receives a signal that the temperature in the room reaches the given parameters, and air conditioning is disabled.

Where to put the air conditioner in the bedroom

When installing the air conditioner in the bedroom, very oftenthere are doubts as to the source location of the security of coolness in one or another part of the room. If the characteristics of the premises is not possible to establish as far as possible from the air conditioning a place to sleep and to direct the air in the opposite direction, properly mount the unit directly above the headboard. In this embodiment, the cooled air is not blowing the upper half of the body and the head, and affects only the legs, which, as a rule, covered with a rug or blanket. In addition, the air conditioner can change the night setting and increase the temperature by a few degrees, making it more secure. Also do not forget to adjust the air flow direction.

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