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Where to play Beckham

Football star David Beckham is now carried away by other games

In May 2013, former midfielder of the football team "Manchester United" and the England captain, 37-year-old David Beckham announced the completion of a professional player's career.

What shocked millions of fans, loving and remembering it in a form as "Real", "Milan" and "PSG".

Most of the fans still do not believe in long-term care idol, continuing to wait Bex stadiums.

Where is the house of Beckham?

Where is the house of a man? Answers may vary: where he was born, has lived with his family or work. House by the professional athlete is usually in the same place where he is currently playing, and varies with the relocation from one club to another.

No exception and the champion just four countries(England, Spain, USA, France), David Beckham. His football the way a native of London started in 14 by signing the first contract with the academy "Manchester" and moved from England to the industrial capital of the geographical. In Manchester, Beckham played until 2003, changing it to Madrid, Spain, and the club, "United" - by far greater in the number of titles won and the stars in the "Real".

The next town, where the family began to liveBeckham was the capital of California, where the club under the name "Los Angeles Galaxy" footballer moved in 2007. However, in the "Galaxy", he did not stay, will soon go to Italy to conquer the capital of Haute Couture Milan. And at the same time local club.

From January to May 2013, a large familyBeckham admired from the windows of his new home Paris, France, and the place of work of its head was the champion of the country "Paris Saint-Germain." And just saying it football partners, coaches and fans, "Goodbye!", David and his wife Victoria chose for the capital city of residence except that only the beaches and resort recreation. It is called Miami and is located in the North American state of Florida.

During his playing career, David Beckham has played 540 matches in the six professional club teams, scoring 97 goals in them. He has also 115 games and 17 goals in the form of the English national team.

It's time to play. But not in football

Having finished punching penalty and give partnersassists, playing Beckham is clearly not stopped. Just their new game, he holds no stadiums. And David dressed no longer in football shape, and civilian suit prudent and successful businessman.

List of commercial games involving Beckhamis extensive. The first of them is to buy for $ 25 million in the creation of rights in Miami in 2017 on strong European football team and building large enough for the US arena for 25 thousand spectators.

The second game is called appearance in storeshuge circulations autobiographical books "Both feet on the ground" and "David Beckham". It also may include numerous film and television projects with the participation of football, has long proven to be quite photogenic actor. By the way, most of the bands are devoted to your favorite football team. Among them, for example, "Coach," "Bend It Like Beckham", "Goal!", "Real Madrid", "Class of 92" and others.

Game number 3 for David is involved invarious advertising projects, bringing star family is not only fun and popular, but also money. We can recall, for example, a video where David interprets Beethoven's "Ode to Joy", skillfully combining football and classical music. It is surely football ambassador to China touts and a large network of US casinos in Asia. Fortunately, gambling in Macau and Singapore are still allowed.

Certainly not without deductions for football purse and the creators of computer games, "Beckham Help get ready." It is popular among those who like to play "Like Beckham" exclusively home.

"Bend It Like Beckham!"

Another game that develops with pleasureNow, not only David, but also his family, this communion with the Pope four children. Especially he likes to play with her daughter Harper. As for the sons, Brooklyn and Romeo is clearly following in the footsteps of Beckham Sr. and is actively engaged in football. And if the 15-year-old Brooklyn has signed a contract with the academy, too, "MU", the 11-year-old Romeo started training in London "Arsenal".

Beckham likes to participate in a TV show. In one such, titled "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", former football player has played with the leading kind of "Russian roulette." However, instead of a revolver and a bullet, lay 12 eggs in a studio drum, the third part of which was raw. According to the rules, the players had to take turns to beat them on their heads, while one person would not have broken it raw. That "lucky" was Beckham ...

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