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WHAT is an integrated marketing

Where to look for the truth

collect information

With an abundance of information and a variety of versions of what is happening can be difficult to find a grain of truth. But do not give up.

Discover the truth help intuition, logic and curiosity.

collect information

The more you know about your interestthe subject, the greater the likelihood that you will be able to get to the truth. Remember detective movies or books. Successful investigators find clues and extract maximum data that, at first glance, do not represent value to the investigation. In the future, they help to solve the case.
Expand your horizons. The more knowledgeable you are, the easier it will be to understand a particular topic. Sometimes, knowledge of related fields to help find the truth.

In addition, to develop the habit of constantly learning something new will help you in improving your mental abilities and will able to find the truth.

If you want to get to the truth,consult with experts on the subject. Collect more opinions get closer to unraveling. Sometimes chat with different people helps to consider the situation from different angles and get an objective view of what is happening.

Critical thinking

Do not trust anything blindly, youhear, see or read. Do not forget that their ulterior motives may be in humans. Sometimes they are deliberately trying to deceive and hide the truth. So you need to use and develop the habit of critical thinking.

Note about double standards. One event party can express events in the opposite sense than the other.

Drop all speculation and emotion. Check only the facts. Arguments that you take into account when searching for the truth must be lined up in perfect consistency. In addition, sometimes it makes sense to trust your own intuition.
It should be understood that the truth, anyway, haveeveryone has their own. There is no objective truth, which would suit everyone. One and the same event or fact can be lit from a completely different side. Someone greedy person will seem practical and the other individual is a good man deemed a simpleton. In addition, a lot depends on perception. Optimistic attitude and focus on the positive aspects of the facts makes a positive and vice versa.
Truth can be found inside. Listen to yourself. Think what you want. Do not succumb to the influence of society, the media and propaganda. Listen to your heart. You will find the answer for yourself what is good and what is not, how should do in a given situation, and what kind of behavior is unacceptable. The main thing is not to succumb to another's opinion and to live my head.

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