WHERE to look for spare parts for the car

Where to find car parts</a>

The search for spare parts car owners are engaged regularly.

After all, the machine is a mechanism that sometimes breaks down. Yes, and consumables need to be changed constantly.

Today it seems that finding a suitable spare part is not a problem.

After all, there is a huge number of both stationary stores, and collapses, and Internet points.

However, until now, car owners are wondering: how and where to find the right parts?

Changing parts are in some cases. This is the usual wear and tear of parts due to the operation of the vehicle, and the lack of the correct course for the car, and the participation of the car in a traffic accident.

Naturally, the simplest option is to goTo the dealer. After all, even for the old models, the manufacturer must have spare parts. However, this option is not suitable for everyone, because the cost of such parts is usually too high, and even the banal brake pads can cost 2-3 thousand more than the usual car market. Finding parts is a whole art.

Usually cheating prices goes for the name and "branded" details. However, not all repairs require the installation of dealer parts. The same pads, for example, you can put and "non-native".

What to consider when choosing parts

Choose branded parts, but at a price less,Than at the dealer it is possible on collapses. And do not treat them too biased. After all, it happens that on the collapse are parts from the car, which was not in operation for long. For example, a car got into an accident, it can not be repaired, but it has a number of intact parts that can be used for its own needs.

On disassembly there are details worthy of attention. Just need to look closely and choose really worthwhile. It is better to take a man who understands cars.

If the variant of the showdown is not for you, but alsoYou do not want to overpay, you can go to any car market. Only you need to take with you the documents for the car, where the VIN-number of the vehicle is indicated. It is enough just to call the seller this number, as he immediately selects the right part for you. Naturally, it is worth to be prepared for the fact that some parts are supplied only on order. For example, body parts: bumper, doors, etc.

In this case, you will only need to deposit a deposit, take a receipt and negotiate the delivery time. Further, sellers will call you back as soon as the required part arrives at the warehouse.

As an option, you can not go to the car market, andOrder the details over the phone. To do this, you will only need a directory with various shops selling parts or going online. This method is many times more convenient, because There is a possibility to find a suitable search option, without wasting time on the trips between stores. In this case, you will also need the VIN-number of the car, which you can call the sellers. They are checked on their computer base and will confirm to you the presence or absence of the required spare part, and will also name its price.

You can pick up spare parts yourself. There are quite a few specialized portals on which you, using your VIN, can choose the parts that suit you. It is enough just to choose a category (for example, headlights), enter your VIN and then look what the system will offer you. If there is a problem with the work, there is always an opportunity to consult a consultant.

What to consider when selecting parts

Picking up spare parts, you should not think thatChinese or Taiwanese substandard and unreliable. In fact, many modern car owners, even those that have rich experience, use them.

Alternatively, you can order spare parts from abroad. But often this is a rather lengthy procedure, because Is connected with passage of inspections and customs.

Do not hesitate to ask and search for detailsCheaper. After all, often second-hand dealers just evaluate them several times in advance, because It is the margin that makes up their profit. Do not think that if the item is cheaper than for it on average ask in the market, it is bad.

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