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Where to live


Where to live - in an apartment or a cottage?</a>

There are means, the family in confusion - a familiar situation for those who have ever stood before buying housing.

Doubt is the "first bell" that the right decision is near.

Intuitively, you understand which option is yours.

And the analysis of pros and cons will help you in your choice.

Apartment or cottage: housing for the soul

Consciously rid themselves of additional troubles, be satisfied with walks in the night city and morning coffee on the balcony can the owners of apartments.
This can not be said of those who "ran away" from strictBorders of the apartment, did not accept the brightness and noise of city life. Do not feel constrained by such people helps living in a cottage of their own design, in the fresh air, in peace and tranquility.

Pros and cons of living in a cottage

It is unlikely that any of the owners of the apartmentCan boast of its sauna, cellar, summer kitchen, conservatory, veranda. And if the owner of the cottage was the author of the project of his house, for sure in his home there is a number of rooms for "all occasions."

In this regard, the advantages of building a cottage "of your dreams" overlap the advantages of the apartment - for example, "step-by-step" accessibility from the metro, which residents cherish the city.

Square meters, the apartments are always inferiorSpacious, "breathing" freedom cottages. But a private house requires its own payment for convenience. This is not limited to the initial price at the acquisition stage, which is several times higher than the cost of the apartment.
The owner of the cottage should be ready for what is waiting for him:
- landscaping and protection of the territory-
- maintenance of engineering networks-
- cosmetic and major repairs in case of deterioration of the structure.

Before work "five minutes"

A weighty argument in favor of choosing an apartment. Any, even the most remote area of ​​the city allows you to get to work much faster than going to traffic jams from the suburbs. The only exception is that the offices located on the outskirts.
The city has an advantage in terms of publicTransport, accessibility of large shopping centers and various institutions. However, his services can be fully used while living in the private sector. True, it is necessary to adjust to the schedule of electric trains, buses and minibuses - this is not always convenient.
Life outside the city will greatly simplify the availability ofcars. However, it should be borne in mind that the maintenance of the car will not be expensive: it will require additional costs in connection with its maintenance, as well as unforeseen breakdowns.

Apartment or cottage: what is not my choice or "dumb" choice

Sometimes external circumstances are stronger than people and directly affect the choice, not always answering their wishes. And there are many reasons for this.
For example, you live in an apartment because it's so quick to get to work, and it's easier for children to get to school.

In addition, living in the city, it may be more convenient for you to visit your parents and get to the polyclinic.

And vice versa - you would be happy to leave the boring gardenAnd all the hassles that are associated with the private house, the seasonal nuances that weather carries with it, but children or grandchildren used to rest from your bored city.
The choice is influenced by your financial capabilities. If they are limited, it will be necessary to stop the choice on a more modest and budgetary variant of housing.
There are many arguments in favor ofWhere it is better to live - in an apartment or in a cottage. But it is better to answer yourself to the question: what is more important for you? Spending millions, but not getting from buying spiritual comfort, is much more difficult than to suffer inconveniences, but to live the way you want.
Listen to yourself - there are many tips, but one life.

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