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WHERE learn to shoot?


Where to learn to shoot?</a>

In the Middle Ages for self-defense, it was vital to be able to wield a sword, an ax or a knife. Today, in the age of firearms, these skills are not so relevant.

They were replaced by skill in dealing with small arms.

Free firing training

Most young men areConscription into the army. It is there that they will learn how to handle, shoot and care for firearms. The quality of training there may be very different, depending on the kinds of troops. It is believed that the best rifle training is possessed by airborne troops and special-purpose units, the worst is engineering and construction units and sailors.
Another option is to contact the airsoft club. Most of these organizations have in their ranks former officers of the armed forces or law enforcement agencies who can give you theoretical and practical knowledge on the handling of weapons. In addition, airsoft very seriously engaged in tactics, disguise and sniping, using as a weapon its pneumatic counterparts, which do not differ much from the prototype.

Despite the shooting of "cranberry", airsoftClubs give very serious training with weapons, little inferior to the army. In addition, airsoft fighters often have links to shooting clubs and conduct their classes there.

The club of historical reconstruction is suitable forPeople who want to learn how to shoot a bow or crossbow. These people have been engaged in this for a long time and have learned many nuances concerning this difficult occupation. In addition, there are clubs of reenactors, recreating the image of soldiers of the Great Patriotic War. They study the charters, uniform, armament and the order of combat operations of that time. As a weapon, they use the disabled weapons of their era. These people are usually willing to share knowledge and take newcomers to their ranks.

Paid training in shooting

In large cities there are shooting clubs,Training both private security guards and ordinary citizens. They propose the passage of a course in the safe handling of weapons, which includes bench shooting. In addition, they offer individual and group classes with instructors in the shooting gallery. These clubs offer a variety of weapons ranging from pistols to carbines, from civilian self-defense weapons to replicas of army small arms. There is one such occupation from 3 000 to 8 000 r.
For a lower price, you can apply to the DOSAAF shooting club in Russia, where you can take a course of bullet shooting in a specially equipped shooting range.

Only recently, the shooting clubs DOSAAFBegan to gradually revive in order to compete more or less with private rifle clubs. In most clubs DOSAAF the situation is still depressing.

There you can rent a gun and studyShoot yourself. There you can also contact the services of a paid instructor who will teach you how to shoot. Unlike other shooting clubs, the weapon offered for shooting DOSAAF is rather meager, and its shooting galleries are rarely designed for powerful ammunition.

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