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Where he learned to dive in Ukraine

Where to learn to dive in Ukraine

Sport diving is becoming increasingly popular not only in the resorts of the world, but also in Russia and in Ukraine.

This sport is a huge number of fans, so not worth the trouble to find places where you can learn it.

Ukrainian diving centers are oriented morepart of the capital on the youth. but because it is in Kiev, the largest number of schools to teach scuba diving. Most are organized at the pool, but reputable dive centers and equip its own "waters."

Diving Center "EX"

Choosing a diving school, remember that at the end of training you will need to issue a certificate, and in the learning process must be individual classes.

This is an informal organization that is becomingincreasing the number of fans dive into the deep. The purpose of this center to unite all those wishing to dive and to popularize it among the population. In the center of "EX" everyone can get training on credit, and in addition, provides an opportunity to dive in the territory of Ukraine or abroad. Any newcomer, contact the center will receive an experienced coach, who shall declare in detail all the intricacies of diving, as well as teach special security measures.

"Akvadayv" diving club

there are professionals and amateurs in this club,who have vast experience in diving. More recently, these people created a specialized "Akvasvit" school, where learning takes place in conditions as close as possible to reality. The very same club organizes various trips to any part of the world.

Diving Center "Underwater World"

At the center, a novice will be able to receive trainingthe software program «PADI Discover Scuba Diving», which provides for implementation of a dive with a professional. The process of the diving is done in a small body of water. And be sure to instruct and sets out safety advice before diving.
Diving Club «IDC»
This club presented in Kyiv isa branch of one of the known international schools and has the appropriate certificates. Club for diving «IDC» offers everyone a variety of training courses, as this sport is quite active and informative.

"Katran" Diving Club

Diving is often called the way home, because people before the birth 9 months lives in an aqueous medium, where and back again with the help of divers.

Last, the final five of the club "Katran"member of the Federation of Underwater Activities. PADI system brings very high and strict training requirements, so any newcomers to a club, meet professionals with great experience. They will be able to thoroughly and in detail not only put into the swing of things, but also to explain the safety procedures. Studying the course of the course, a fan can become a professional and open new horizons.
diving Sport today are becoming very popular among the residents of Kiev, the more so when there is an opportunity to learn from professionals.

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