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WHERE to invest in Ukraine


Where to invest in Ukraine</a>

Citizens of Ukraine, as in other democracies, have the right to invest their personal savings in certain structures at will.

It is important to be aware of the current economic situation in the country in order to subsequently benefit and avoid losses.



You can put the savings in the bank. At the same time, it should be remembered that recently the Ukrainian banking sector has been subjected to certain state pressure because of a weak economy, but experts are sure that it will be able to transfer even complex macroeconomic problems. Ukrainian banks are cautious about lending, so they have few problem borrowers. Also, rates are growing quite often, which, undoubtedly, will please investors. It should be taken into account that even if the growth of deposit interest rates in the hryvnia decreases due to inflation, currency deposits will become more profitable.


Stock market of Ukraine among investorsIs not in high demand due to lack of growth. The PFTS index and the UX index fall annually. Nevertheless, the government takes various measures to make this market attractive to investors. For example, one of the proposed solutions was the obligation for all joint-stock companies to put their shares on the listing. We are working on a mini-IPO system, which will be convenient for small companies. Also, hopes are placed on the Investment Guarantee Fund.


Rather risky at the present time areInvestments in real estate, as experts predict a strong collapse in prices. If the hryvnia continues to decline and the economy enters a recession, the cost of square meters will start to fall. While it makes sense to invest in commercial real estate, since this sector is still profitable, especially in relation to retail space. It is important to take into account the preferences of consumers, which can dramatically change. For example, if earlier the majority preferred to make purchases in the market, now more than 75% of consumers choose modern hypermarkets, supermarkets and shopping centers.

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