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Where to invest 20 thousand rubles

Where to invest 20 thousand rubles

The ability to manage available resources - one of the most important qualities of a successful person.

Even such a small amount as 20 thousand rubles, you can dispose of the enormous benefit to its continued success.

Foreign Language Education

Language courses - a universal attachment toown development. With knowledge of the English language, you will be able to move freely around the world, communicating with interesting people. Knowledge of a foreign language can contribute to getting lucrative positions or help in creating their own business.
Twenty thousand may be enough tobaseline at a language school. You can also find deleted mentors on the Internet, while saving significantly. Many companies offer combined teaching part of the course, you can go to the discussion club (group session), part of the lessons get remotely (usually "Skype") with the teacher language school. It is advisable to choose a language school, which provides an opportunity to communicate with native speakers.


Creating a website with useful content, service orindustry forum can bring you expert status, new connections and the first customers. Business on the Internet does not cost much - much more important to use the most appropriate way of providing information.
To create a site, you can hire a programmeror buy an inexpensive video course. There are courses Evgeny Popov with step by step creation of intellectual products: training sites and information drives. For little money you can hire copywriters, illustrators and content managers on the stock exchanges or FL.ru Freelansim.ru. Third-party experts can do for you all the routine work, you will be left to organize the process and reap the benefits.


Resale (retail) goods and services known totime immemorial. The mediators are ready to exchange their knowledge and work to respect and money. An amount of 20,000 rubles is hardly allow you to create a large retail chain. However, you can find a supplier of fine product (preferably factory-manufacturer or dealer of a large), ordered his trial consignment of the goods, pay for and receive at home, using the services of logistics (transport and postal) of the company. Creating your own business - one of the most popular ways to the financial well-being.
Next, it is important to find a buyer. You can use the system of contextual advertising "Yandex" or Google.Adwords (ad words from English - "ad words"). They allow you to advertise your products only to those users who type the name in the search engine bar. You'll pay for clicks, that is the real search engine users who are interested in your ad.

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