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Where to hang the TV

Where to hang the TV

LCD and plasma TVpanels are very convenient and allow you to implement a lot of interesting installations. This TV does not take up much space, it simply mounted on the wall.

Choosing a place for panel installation should take into account the size of the device, room design and usability.

You will need

  • - Receiver-TV
  • - wall brackets-
  • - dyubeli-
  • - Fixing elements-
  • - drel-
  • - sverlo-
  • - Screwdriver or screwdriver.



Select the method of mounting the TV. Hang it can be one of the two traditional ways: simply put on the surface of the wall or attached to a special outrigger arm mounted in the ceiling or wall, and often having a rotatable structure. The first method allows you to save space, the second makes browsing more convenient if you want to be able to watch programs from the different points of the room.


The exact location for the TVchoose, taking into account the convenience of view. The most common panel television set in the living room and / or kitchen. In the first case, the opportunities for the free hanging device enough. But the kitchen is not always possible to implement your design ideas. Often we have to choose the TV to the wall, not busy kitchen cabinets and appliances.


Note that the ventilation openings of the deviceThey should be free to ensure sufficient air circulation. For this reason, strong niches in the walls and furniture to set the TV a little fit.


When mounting the panel on a movable arm,Make sure that during the rotation of the screen wire and power cable television will not stretch. Otherwise, the TV may be damaged. Wiring should be carried out after the final installation of the TV.


Before installing the TV on the wall checksurface and appreciate its quality. To mount a significant weight on the TV panel will not approach the thin walls of plasterboard. She just can not stand the weight of the device. should be pre-mark the location for the fasteners and install it reliable anchors for fasteners for mounting the TV to the main wall. Will only gently hang on the hardware panel.


Make framing a decorative panela frame made of wood or polyurethane. Such a finish will not only mask the technical basis for the TV, but also be able to give a more aesthetic appearance of the device, especially when it comes to the interior in retro style. Topic framework can be enhanced by placing the lamps on the sides of the TV or watch in the same frame.

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