WHERE to hang a TV


Where to put the TV</a>

Liquid-crystal and plasma televisionThe panels are very convenient and allow you to realize a lot of interesting installation options. Such a TV does not take up much space, it simply mounts on the wall.

When choosing the place for mounting the panel, account should be taken of the dimensions of the device, the design of the room and the ease of use.

You will need

  • - television receiver-
  • - brackets-
  • - dowels-
  • - Fasteners-
  • - drill-
  • - drill-
  • - screwdriver or screwdriver.



Select the method of mounting the TV. Hang it can be one of two traditional ways: simply place on the wall surface or attach to a special remote bracket mounted in the ceiling or wall and often having a swivel design. The first method allows you to save space, the second makes viewing more convenient, if you want to be able to watch programs from different points of the room.


A specific place for installing a TVChoose from the convenience of viewing it. Most often, a television panel is installed in the living room and / or in the kitchen. In the first case, there are many possibilities for free hanging the device. But the kitchen does not always allow you to realize your design intentions. Often you have to choose a TV wall, not occupied by kitchen cabinets and household appliances.


Note that the ventilation openings of the deviceShould be free to ensure sufficient air circulation. For this reason, close niches in the walls and furniture to install the TV are not suitable.


Mounting the panel on the movable bracket,Make sure that the power cord and the TV cable do not pull during turning the screen. Otherwise, the TV may be damaged. The wires must be installed after the final installation of the TV.


Before installing the TV on the wall, inspectSurface and evaluate its quality. To install a significant weight of the television panel is not suitable thin wall of gypsum board. It just can not stand the weight of the device. To fix the TV to the main wall, pre-mark the locations for the fasteners and install the dowels there for the fastening elements. You only need to hang the panel carefully.


Make the frame of the panel in the form of decorativeFrames made of wood or polyurethane. This decoration will not only mask the technical basis of the TV, but it can also give the device a more aesthetic look, especially when it comes to the interior in retro style. The subject of the framework can be strengthened by placing lamps or clocks on the sides of the TV in the same frame.

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