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Where to go without money

Where to go without money

The money issue is determining in many cases, the choice of travel destination.

But it so happens that money with little or not at all.

Even in this case, there is an alternative for those who wish to travel.



Go hiking with a tent. This is the cheapest type of tourism. However, it can easily compete with inactive beach holiday or bus tours for izezzhennoy places. To travel you need to have comfortable clothes, backpack with necessary items and a tent if you plan to stay for the night. Choose a beautiful vacation spot can be within a few tens or hundreds of kilometers away from your city. Study guides or travel portals, to determine the place in the district most attractive to you.


If the question of money is more acute thanmatter of time - you can hit the road hitchhiking. It is necessary to warn that on small tracks the flow of cars is low, so you can stand for hours waiting for a passing car. Without spending a penny, you can hit the road on a bicycle or skis. If you are an experienced skier or cyclists amateur, then overcome 20-40 km easy.


Use the network of hospitality. There are a number of thematic sites, where you can find a free bed in almost every region of the world (couchsurfing.ru). To use this feature, you need to register for one or more of these sites, and to be ready to receive guests from around the world. Besides being able to stay with a local resident, and not in a hotel, you can walk through the most interesting places of the selected city that are not always listed in guidebooks.


Relax in the countryside. There are websites focused precisely on agrotourism (wwoof.org). Here, by registering you will be able to select the region and project participant, who are staying with the only difference - this project needs a little work. The volunteer-traveler should be prepared to deal with 4-6 hours a day of farm work, during which the owner-farmer provides food and lodging. To get between the settlements, as in previous versions, you can hitchhike.

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