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WHERE to go without money


Where to go without money</a>

The money question is decisive in many cases, when choosing the place of travel.

But it happens that there is almost no money or not at all.

Even then, there is an alternative for those wishing to travel.



Go camping with a tent. This is the cheapest type of tourism. However, it can easily compete with inactive beach rest or with bus tours to the ridden places. For travel, you need to have comfortable clothes, a backpack with the necessary things and a tent if you plan on staying for the night. Choose a beautiful holiday destination can be within a few tens or hundreds of kilometers from your city. Learn the guidebooks or tourist portals to determine which place in the district is most attractive to you.


If the issue of money is more acute thanA matter of time - you can go hitchhiking. It is worth noting that on small routes the flow of cars is low, so waiting for the passing car can stand for hours. Without spending a penny you can set off on a bicycle or skiing trip. If you are an experienced cyclist or an amateur skier, you can easily overcome 20-40 km.


Take advantage of the hospitality networks. There are a number of thematic sites where you can find free accommodation in virtually any region of the world (couchsurfing.ru). To take advantage of this opportunity, you must register yourself on one or more of these sites and be ready to receive guests from all over the world. In addition to the opportunity to stay with a local resident, and not in a hotel, you can take a walk around the most interesting places of the chosen city, which are not always indicated in the guidebooks.


Relax in the countryside. There are sites focused specifically on agrotourism (wwoof.org). Here, by registering, you will be able to choose the region and the participant of the project, which you stop, with the only difference - in this project you need to work a little. Volunteer-traveler should be ready to engage in 4-6 hours a day of rural labor, for which the farmer-owner provides food and lodging for the night. Get between settlements, as in previous versions, you can hitchhike.

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