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Where to go relax without passport

Where to go relax without passport

Expiring passport or find this document on the design - it is not a reason to abandon the trip to rest.

Several countries have hosted guests from Russia without a certificate of international standard personality.




Here you can relax in Kiev. The town has an interesting story, memorable architecture, let alone the local restaurants, you can talk endlessly. Also for leisure suits western Lviv, many will agree that its streets resemble European in many ways. And if you want to go to the sea, the beaches of the Crimea willingly accept Russian tourists. In Ukraine, you can go by train, car or plane, and the passport in any of the cases is not necessary. Notes in the Russian document should be put.



It is most convenient to travel by train or bycar problems on the border is not seen. Of course, in Belarus there is no sea, but there are great reserves - Naroch, Pripyat, all known Bialowieza Forest and Braslavsky lakes. One of the main advantages of going there is that prices are translated into rubles low. The local cuisine is very tasty, so that fans of gastronomic delights will be something to do.



The beauty of this country is that itsthe climate is similar to the sub-tropical - there is a comfortable humidity and temperature, unusual plants grow, mature exotic fruits. In addition, the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea make the unforgettable landscape. You can get to Abkhazia via the Adler - there are regular bus services, customs clearance usually does not take much time.


Central Asia and South Ossetia

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and South Ossetia -with these countries, Russia signed an agreement on visa-free regime with the possibility to go on an internal Russian passport. Therefore, if you want to relax in one of these states, enough to buy a plane ticket or a train both ways.


Kaliningrad region

If you go to most western regional centerRussia is not on the train and on the plane, a passport is not necessary, because the flight is considered internal. Needless to say that the Russian Baltic states have where to rest. Firstly, in the Kaliningrad - this is unlike the Central Russian city. This is a great place for walks, exploring history, visits to museums, which do not have anywhere else. And, secondly, you can relax on the Baltic Sea, for example in Svetlogorsk.

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