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WHERE to go with a child in Perm


Perm Planetarium</a>

The big and beautiful city of Perm in recent yearsHas undergone many changes that have affected not only the appearance of the city, but also its cultural potential. As residents of the city, and tourists have long had no need to worry about where to go to relax, have fun and culturally enlighten.

Suitable places can be found not only for adults, but also for children.



Gorky Park of Culture and Rest
Spend time with children in the "Gorky" -Pleasure will get both you and the guys. A lot of new reliable attractions for all ages, mini-zoo (true, only in the summer), interesting concert programs, a lot of establishments and food and drink trays - all this will allow to relax without a whole family. Recently, the park has introduced a convenient payment for attractions on maps, in addition, the "Gorky" is a zone free from smoking.


Perm Planetarium
Glad the child with the views of the starry sky,Stories about space, a walk on the Moon or Mars. There are programs for children of any age and for adults, various exhibitions are always working in the building, and the entrance ticket will cost only 25-50 rubles.


Park of live butterflies
Take the young naturalist to the park of living butterflies,That is located in the Perm shopping center "Liner". A huge number of living insects, spiders, iguanas, snakes and turtles will definitely impress the child, and butterflies will circle in the park and even sometimes sit right at you.


Theaters of Perm
Start with your childhood to teach your child toTheatrical art. For the youngest, the Puppet Theater will be the best option. The repertoire of the theater is very different, the performances are very colorful, and the hall is cozy. The cost of tickets is from 80 to 200 rubles.


For older children, the PermianTheater of the young spectator. Everything is put here, from children's plays to school classics, a fine troupe, direction and scenography leave vivid impressions and allow us to call the Theater of Youth Theater one of the best theaters in the city.


Children's cafe
Want to have a good time and be confident,That with your children there are experienced animators and educators? A children's cafe is suitable for you. This is an excellent option for a simple family holiday, and for celebrating a birthday. The menu is specially chosen for moody gourmets, a full entertainment complex is provided, from the game room to the mobile games. The best Perm children's cafes - "Golden Key", "Smeshariki", "Carpet-plane" and "Aistenok".


Also in Perm with a child you can go to the zoo. However, this institution is not kept in the best way today, it is worth to abstain from children with such a walk, and with older children going there in the summer and closer to the evening. In winter, visit the ice towns, festive festivities, mass festivities or performances in the Perm circus.

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