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WHERE to treat hepatitis C


Where to go with hepatitis C</a>

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease, against which there are necrotic and inflammatory processes in the liver tissue.

Diagnosis and further treatment of hepatitis C is prescribed by an infectious disease doctor.



The incubation period of hepatitis C lasts from 20 to150 days. Experts recommend that the examination be carried out a few days after the alleged infection. Then - again every 10 days, if the virus was not detected initially.


To receive a referral for laboratory tests of HCV RNA, as well as antibodies to RNA of virus-anti-HCV, it is possible in a polyclinic at the place of residence, registering with an infectiologist for an appointment.


When taking blood for biochemical analysis, the levelALT and AST are elevated. The number of leukocytes can be normal or slightly reduced, lymphocytes increased, ESR reduced. In the analysis of urine there is urobilin and yellow pigments. All this indirectly indicates the presence of hepatitis C.


Practically in every city there areSpecialized centers, where they conduct an examination for all forms of hepatitis and AIDS. It is not necessary to receive referral to these medical institutions. You can apply directly to the registry, pay for the necessary types of tests and get results as soon as they are ready.


In most cases, the hepatitis C virus is detected in a planned study. The patient does not know and does not know about his infection, so he does not go anywhere and does not undergo systematic treatment.

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