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Where to go with hepatitis C

Where to go with hepatitis C

Hepatitis C - an infectious disease that occurs on a background of necrotic and inflammatory protsessyts in the liver tissue.

Diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C further assigns an infectious diseases doctor.



The incubation period for hepatitis C lasts from 20 to150 days. Experts recommend to carry out a survey a few days after the alleged contamination. Then - again every 10 days, when the virus was initially detected.


Get referrals for laboratory studies of HCV-RNA and antibodies to HCV RNA of anti virusa- can be in the clinic in the community, make an appointment to infectious diseases.


When drawing blood on biochemical analysis of the level ofALT and AST increased. The number of white blood cells may be normal or slightly reduced, lymphocytes - increased, ESR - reduced. In the analysis of the urine is present urobilin and yellow pigments. All that indirectly indicates the presence of hepatitis C.


In almost every city therespecialized centers, which carry out a survey to all forms of hepatitis and AIDS. Follow the direction of data in hospitals is not necessary. You can apply directly to the registry, make a payment for the appropriate types of tests and get the results as soon as they are ready.


In most cases, hepatitis C virus detected during a routine examination. The patient does not know and does not know about his infection, so nowhere is drawn and does not pass the systematic treatment.

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