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Where to go with children on autumn holidays in Moscow

"Ethnomir" Complex

During the autumn holidays in Moscow is a huge number of annual fairs and exhibitions, where it is necessary to look to the child.

It hosts workshops, performances and productions, which is very interesting to participate.



"Sportland" exhibition takes place at the Exhibition Centre in Novemberholidays. Here open creative workshops, games, a sports park and an extreme park. All this will be interesting to children of any age. During the exhibition you can see the music program, fun on the rides, watch educational movies.


The capital hosts the "Big Festivalcartoon. " Here at fifteen sites are cartoons from different countries - Italy, Israel, Norway, Japan, Switzerland and others. For children opens "Cartoon Factory", where you can create your own stories of sand, designer, clay, sound waves, and even write scripts or engage in film scoring. On BFM always takes plenty of children's programs.


In the autumn holiday with a child necessarilyvisit "Ethnomir", is a stunning complex near Moscow. The halls have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the customs and traditions of the peoples of the world, but also to participate in the study of folk arts and taste the delicious cuisine of different nations. On the territory of "ETNOMIR" in the autumn holidays celebrate the Indian festival "Diwali". It is the festival of lights - during the celebration of candles, dance traditional dances and singing. During the festival you can learn how to henna painting called "mehendi" and explore the secrets of Indian cuisine.


In the Palace of Pioneers in early November heldWeekly games and toys. There are evening programs "Let's play", in which you can learn about the history of toys, enjoy the Game room, watch planetarium sessions and still, of course, to play with the inhabitants of the living area. Laboratory in the country run of games with interesting experiences, workshops, which provide toys, dolls, and even radio-controlled robots. As part of the Action Week Facilities for active play and dance floor.

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