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Where to go with children in Yekaterinburg

Central Sports Arena in Ekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg today can claim to be the children's and youth leisure in the Urals capital.

Hundreds of European-level parks, numerous entertainment centers, zoos, ekstrimattraktsiony - it's all available to citizens and visitors of Ekaterinburg.



The most popular form of leisureTime with children is a visit to the special children's centers. Thematic and traditional, extreme and calm, and they are able to attract a few hours to grab the attention of any child. Crazy Park, for example, provides a platform for recreation. Basketball, volleyball, flying into a different reality, a journey through the maze - it all ends with a nice lunch with a special children's menu.


To test their strength, to develop perseverance is possible on climbing walls and rope ladders Park "Mowgli". Pobultyhatsya in the pool, ride a couple of extreme rides - in "Limpopo" center.


Lovers of bowling are waiting in the walls of the entertainment complex "Luna", and try to unravel the strange physical phenomena can be visiting the park "Galileo" miracles.


Prefer leisure and recreation in the openair are sure to please a variety of ski resorts, numerous zoos, live corners, crocodile and ostrich farm. Petting zoo "Living a fairy tale", "Elkin Dvor" will create an impression of unity with nature.


The huge exhibition of exotic fish,Located in the Aqua Gallery, it is a truly unique collection of marine life, which can not leave anyone indifferent lover of small wildlife.


Ekaterinburg - a great many parks and attractions, among which are the "Children's City", the park "7 Keys" and "Pearl".


An exceptional, far from narrow-minded understandingPuppet Theatre "The world on a palm" conducting their ideas at different venues in the city Ekaterinburg, will be an excellent value orientations in your baby's life. Deep, sometimes philosophical productions are presented easily and playfully, involving action and children.


Art centers and museums of the city is carried outnumerous master classes related to the manufacture of dolls, modeling, and even cut the famous Ural gems that will no doubt be interested in older children and may well be a hobby for a long time. Finish the evening with a family cafe, movie theater or evening to consider the beauty of Yekaterinburg using the Ferris Wheel Rainbow Park.

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